January Empties 2015

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Hello lovely people! Long time no speak and I apologise for that. But I'm back and I've set a resolution to be more consistent. This year is going to be a good one for me so there will be plenty to share with you that's for sure. Exciting stuff aside, I have a  few empties to share with you today.

I know many people are stopping doing these kinds of posts but I'm still a big fan. I can keep track of product loves and loathes and make sure I am actually using things up. Lord knows I really need to get my stash gone by 2016. Without further ado, here's my trash..

Simple Radiance Brightening Facial Wipes - £4.20. These were definitely not right for my skin type. They were incredibly scratchy and left an unpleasant burning sensation after use. To top it off these weren't even moist enough to remove make-up - you'd need at least three. Safe to say these get a big thumbs down from me and I won't be adding them to my basket again. 

YSL Shocking Mascara - £24.50. Me and this mascara had a love/hate relationship. Most days I would hate it but there was always that odd day that it looked fantastic. If I had to rename it I would definitely change 'Shocking' for clumping because that's what it did 9 days out of 10. My eyelashes looked so spidery it was almost like those pictures you see of bad make-up days. As the formula dried out application did improve but not so much that I'd consider it a staple. As far as I'm concerned there are much better mascara's out there for your money. If you like very voluminous lashes though I'd give it a whirl but with a warning. 

No 7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser - £9.50. I've been through one (or two) of these already and I loved this tube to the last drop again. It smells amazing and melts onto the skin like a dream. It's luxurious but without the horrendous price tag. Safe to say this will be coming back into my life at some point. If you like gel/balm/oil cleansers I'd definitely check this one out for sure, especially with those No 7 vouchers that are always floating about. 

Botanics All Bright Eye Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover - £3.99. I've used this and loved it before and nothing has changed. It's a bi-phase remover which makes it great for removing waterproof mascara and budgeproof liner. If you weren't already sold, it's super cheap too. Lovely stuff. 

Boots Clean Off Nail Polish Remover - £1.30. Not too much to say about this except for that it does the job and it smells oddly nice.. Almost vanilla like. Yum.

Hydraluron - £24.99. A staple in my skincare routine. It does what it says on the tin and delivers every time. I'm now onto my third tube and this relationship shows no signs of ending yet. If you have dry or dehydrated skin I'd highly recommend it. The condition of my skin has visibly improved since I first started using this and my even my make-up applies better. Hooray. It's also Caroline Hirons approved which must mean it works.

Soap and Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel - £6.50. I used to really enjoy the scent of this but now I'm a good few bottles in I've become quite fed up of it. Consequently I've been using it as bubble bath to get shut of it. It produced a tonne of bubbles which was nice but I won't be going into Boots for this for a year at least. 

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Shower Gel - £6.50. I have the exact opposite feelings for this gem. It smells heavenly and really was a treat to use every time I showered. I'm dying to get another bottle but I really don't need one at this time.. boo hoo.. Safe to say as soon as I'm through with my shower gel stash I will be running to the nearest Boots to get it back into my life. 

Simple Soothing Facial Toner - £3.29. Another staple of mine. It's cheap and cheerful and I can't imagine my skincare routine without this at the moment. Couldn't really tell you what it does but my skin feels so refreshed after using it. If I really need a pick me up I'll put this into the fridge and then use it. It's a great pick me up. 

N Spa Cranberry Body Butter. I got this in a Christmas gift set and it's no longer available to purchase. I'd normally just leave it out but I was so impressed with the quality I couldn't do that. It smelt divine and the formula was everything you would want in a body butter. I'd highly suggest checking out the rest of their line at ASDA next time you need one. I know I will be. 

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter -  £10.50. I used to love this a lot and forgot about it until I was gifted this pot at Christmas. I'm not a fan of the scent at all but the formula is fantastic and there's no denying it. My skin had the softest two weeks for a while when this was in my routine. Loved it but the scent is a big downer for me so I wouldn't go out and purchase it sadly. I will however gift their other body butters a try when I'm done with my stash. 

The Body Shop Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt - £8.00. This is an absolute Body Shop must have for me. It smells amazing, produces mountains of bubbles and nourishes my skin. It's so fantastic I could talk about it all day. I already have another one in the bathroom and I can't wait to crack it open. The price tag may seem high-ish for a bubble bath but a little really does go a long way so you definitely get your moneys worth. If you're a fan of the Honeymania line you need this in your life, if you've never smelt the Honeymania line I urge you to do so. That is all. 

And that's all she wrote.. For today anyway guys. I hope you enjoyed reading and have a great day. 


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