Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection

by - 15:22:00

The internet's been going a bit nuts about these brushes so it was inevitable that I would pick some up. I'm glad I didn't go nuts and buy them all though so keep reading to find out why.

I'll get the bad out of the way first and that comes in the form of the Triangle Foundation Brush - 101 - £22. The selling point for these brushes is that they are of a premium quality. This brush could not feel cheaper if it tried. The bristles aren't a little bit soft. On the contrary they're plasticky, scratchy and do not belong near your face. I could not be more disappointed about this one. If anyone has had the ELF Foundation brush they're exactly like that in my opinion. I've given it two good tries and I just can't get on board with it. There are much better foundation brushes out there for your money and I would urge you to give this one a wide berth. Sorry Real Techniques but this one sucks and I honestly can't believe you make the claims you do about such a poor product. I'll be going back to my trusty buffing brush ASAP. 

Moving swiftly onto the brush that I'm pretty sure everyone has purchased - the flat contour brush 301 - £22. Now this couldn't be any more different to the foundation brush. The bristles are exquisitely soft and it applies product like a dream. I'm so pleased I picked this one up. I can now chisel my face like a pro. Hurrah for looking like Kim Kardashian on the daily. Well almost like her anyways. 

Moving to more general ground I'm quite happy with them handles and looks wise. The metallic exteriors make them standout in my brush collection and the weighted handles really do aid application. Are they worth the money I hear you ask... well yes to a degree. If the rest have the same quality as the contour brush then absolutely but there's always the one dud that makes you wonder what really makes them so special. 

Sorry for the mixed bag but if you aren't going to be honest then there's really no point. Have any of you guys picked any of them up yet? I'd love to get your thoughts and opinions so feel free to leave them down below.


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