Soap and Glory The Ultimelt

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I purchased this a while back now and it's only recently become a permanent fixture in my skincare routine. I'm now wondering why I never cracked it out sooner because this stuff is amazing. Before I blab away here's the official blurb, 'An unparalleled, deep-pore purifying, hot cloth cleanser with provitamin B5, sweet almond, orange, lavender, clary sage, rose and geranium oils'. 

In my own words I'd say this thick, white lavender cream is everything you need to tame difficult skin. I regularly suffer from irritating, painful spots along my jawline and this is the only thing that seems to work away at them. They used to hang around for ages and never come to a head but massaging this in twice daily really does seem to do the trick. For £10 I really can't fault it and I'd highly recommend giving it a go. Also can we just look at the packaging. How cute and hygienic!

To use, I massage a generous blob of this onto dry skin for around 2 minutes. As it's not a balm it can get difficult to massage but I'd just wet my hands a bit and carry on. Massage done I rinse it off with a warm flannel and done. Afterwards my skin feels clean without being tight and has an odd refreshed, cool feeling about it. 

My only word of warning would be if you have had previous reactions to products containing essential oils as they feature heavily in this one. Other than that it's Caroline Hirons approved and it's brilliant for the price so get down to Boots and check it out. 

Kirstie x 

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