The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

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Ever receive a freebie so good you would have paid for it? That's exactly how I feel about this gem. Way back at Christmas time, The Body Shop were throwing in a full size of their Vitamin E Moisture cream with all order over £15. With Christmas presents to purchase this was winging its way to me in no time. 

I ran out of the moisturiser I was using a while back and this has happily been taking its place ever since. This pink, delightfully scent lotion hydrates like no other and absorbs like a dream. Suffice to say I'm a little bit in love with it. Honestly it's fabulous if your skins dry or dehydrated and needs a little treat. There are only two drawbacks: the lack of SPF and the price.

I only really wear make-up when I'm going to work or I'm going out. As a result I need a moisturiser with SPF to protect my face when I'm going make-up free. While you can buy separate sun protection lotions I much prefer the two to be combined. If you're reading this important Body Shop people please, please add sun protection to this wonderful product. 

Next up is the price, £11. While this is by no means expensive, it does feel kind of pricey for such a basic moisturiser. There are no fancy ingredients, no outrageous promises and no SPF so the price is a bit out there for me. In Boots I'm sure that same £11 could buy you a great moisturiser with SPF which is what makes me unsure I will repurchase. For those of you keen to try there are however many Body Shop coupons floating around. I'm pretty sure I get mailed a different one each day so make sure you're subscribed to their newsletter.

Other than that it's top notch and I'm really enjoying working my way through the pot. The end is in sight though so feel free to post your suggestions down below. I really want to find THE moisturiser that will solve all my problems and possibly even bring about world peace.

Kirstie x

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