The Body Shop Wild Argan Body Scrub

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The Body Shop are a brand which I will always have in some form in my bathroom. Their body products are fantastic and you can always get a good deal so they're definitely beauty on a budget. I have my tried and tested favourites, but this Christmas I was lucky enough to receive one of their Wild Argan gift sets and it's shaken things up a bit.

One of the standout products from the set was this body scrub (£13). It smells good and it really does good (both for your body and charity). My previous love was their Grapefruit (£13) scrub as it was the only one that actually felt like it was doing anything but this is much better. While the Grapefruit one was great I feel like the inclusion of the Argan Oil in the formula of this makes it much nicer. The Grapefruit one could be unpleasantly scratchy if you spent too much time in one area but this one is different. It eliminates flaky patches but almost glides on the skin. It doesn't break me out in red, irritated patches and it doesn't strip my skin (the Argan nut shells must have magical properties I swear). Best of all you need so little of it to do the job so it's going to last a good while. 

If I didn't know better I would say it's magic. Suffice to say I absolutely love this product and the range in general. As I said aside from doing wonders for your body these products also help provide the co-operatives in Morocco with a fair and regular income. So you can look good and do great things. Lovely.

I'd love to hear from you guys so let me know if you've tried this product or what your favourite scrub is down below.

Kirstie x

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