Macadamia Natural Oil

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A little rave review today I won't lie. I've had these two products in my haircare arsenal for over a year now and I'm constantly amazed at how they are able to improve my hair. My hair is looking and feeling healthier than ever and I'm sure it's down to these two. 

I'll start with what is arguably the best hair mask on the market, the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Mask. This pot of fruity goodness will take your hair from drab to fab in under 7 minutes. Amazing eh? I take a good dollop, massage it through my mid-lengths and ends and leave for as long as possible. The result: sleek, glossy hair with mirror-like shine. Who doesn't want that? For those worried about the price, it lasts such a long time it's worth the initial investment. I'm still on my original tub (though I fear the end might be upon me soon). Go on, treat yourself!

The Healing Oil Treatment is what started it all for me and two bottles in I'm still obsessed. It smells like Thierry Mugler's Angel and nourishes my hair like nothing else. The only thing I would say is that if you have really greasy hair you might want to check out a lighter hair oil as this is bordering on the thick side. For me, I take two pumps spread between my palms and work it into my hair (avoiding the roots and crown obviously). Once dry, my hair is noticeably sleeker and shinier without being weighed down. It's a total hero product for me. For those of you who love a long hot summer keep this at arms length to fix those beachy hair woes - it's perfect for that. 

Angels should be singing right now because these products are truly amazing. I wouldn't say I have damaged hair at all and it manages to improve the condition of mine. Imagine what it could do for those of you with coloured or heat damaged hair! 

Rave over. I'd love to hear from those of you who have tried it (good or bad) to hear what you think. Is it the best thing you've tried also or am I missing out on something better? Let me know!


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