Gym Bag Essentials

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Following on from yesterdays fitness theme I thought I would share with you the post product workouts I wouldn't be without. The first thing I will say is that I'm not particularly saying I'll always use these exact products but these types of products.

You'll also notice there's no actual make-up in the line up and that's because after a tough session at the gym I don't care how I look nor what other people think of how I look. If you feel the need to do a full face post workout then power to you, but it's not for me. I've earnt my 'glow' (sweaty, red face) and I wear it with pride. My focus is therefore on hygiene and not looking pretty so without further ado here's what I reach for. 

Deodorant - I feel I shouldn't need to explain why this is essential but there we go. After working up a sweat I don't smell of roses so it's nice to try and get things under control with a bit of deodorant until I can jump into the shower. 

Face wipes (or micellar solution) - I'm not going to do a full skincare routine in the changing rooms but it's nice to get rid of the grime. Both these methods are quick and effective and it's nice to feel like your face is clean afterwards. 

Lip Balm - when I workout I find I lick my lips more which in turn dries them out like crazy. It might just be something I do but a balm is essential to keep my lips in tip top condition. 

Moisturiser - after a quick cleanse I like to put a bit of moisture back in so I'll typically throw in whatever I have to hand. Basically nothing fancy that stops my skin from drying out. 

Hair Bobbles - I always carry a spare one or two because there's nothing worse than being without a bobble when you have hair as long as mine. And if you don't need it a friend might so it's nice to be prepared to step in and save the day. 

Headphones - because what's a workout without good music. I always find a good playlist gets me going and motivates me to push myself further. Also there's nothing worse than forgetting them and having to listen to what the gym choose to put on. 

And those are my gym essentials. Feel free to let me know yours down below. I'm always up for suggestions. 


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