Clarins Lotus Oil Review

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I'd normally hold off doing a review of a skincare item for a good couple of months, but I've seen such a difference with this I just had to share. 

I'll be the first to admit that this was a purchase borne out of desperation. My skin has been breaking out horribly and I was advised by a lovely Clarins associate that I needed to dial it back in terms of how many products I was using on my face. She noted that my nighttime moisturiser was too heavy for the combination skin I was in denial about having. In place of said night cream she suggested I try the Lotus oil instead.

For this advice I will be forever grateful and I think she honestly saved my skin. So what is it and what does it promise to do?

The oil itself is labelled as a face treatment oil and as always subscribes to Origins use of 100% pure plant oils. It's a thin (but not too thin) yellow oil that melts into the skin. It does leave a slight film so if that's something that bothers you on your bed linen then you have been warned. 

In terms of what it's meant to do, it's supposed to 'purify, balance and and improve combination/oily skin'. The Rosemary and Geranium oils should help 'balance sebum production and purify the skin' while the Lotus extract should 'refine the skin'. 

So that's what it's supposed to do, but does it actually work? In short, yes with added bonus extras. I have noticed a definite improvement where oil production is concerned. My t-zone used to become quite shiny relatively quickly and now that shine is minimal if anything. This for me has been brilliant because I'm not particularly good at touching up my make-up during the day. I might be way of the mark here but the reduced oil production appears to have cleared up my skin too. Before adding this into my routine I had a lot of angry, red spots and these have mostly dissipated. It could be a coincidence but I really believe this oil has been the catalyst for the change. 

For the refinement aspect and I'm assuming this means pores, the change hasn't been so obvious. As I said before though I haven't been using it for too long so this might be something that comes with time so I'll be sure to let you all know. 

While it hasn't been that great in terms of refinement, it has been great for my skins hydration levels. I only use four drops pressed into my skin and my dehydration lines on my forehead have vanished. I'm so used to applying a heavier cream that I didn't think the oil would be any good for keeping my skin moisturised but it's been fantastic. It's so refreshing to wake up with hydrated, glowing, clear-ish skin without the dreaded shine. 

As you can tell I'm really impressed with this one and I think every girl that struggles with oily/ combination skin should give this one a try, I doubt you'll regret it. 

I'd love to hear from you lovely lot about facials oils. Do you love or loathe them? Leave your links and comments down below.

Kirstie x 

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