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I blame/thank Caroline Hirons for this purchase in equal measure. I'd put off purchasing an acid toning product for a good while convinced it wouldn't benefit me. I've had these Facial Radiance Pads for over a month and a half and I'm now sad I didn't cave sooner. 

For £22 you get 60 pads soaked in glycolic acid, lactic acid and a whole host of other goodies. They are supposed to exfoliate, tone and brighten and I can definitely say they do it all. 

At the moment I currently use one pad on my face and neck on a nightly basis and the results have been phenomenal. My skin is definitely brighter/ clearer and I've had no flakey patches either. It's amazing how such a simple step can make such a difference. 

In terms of the pads themselves they're a good size (big, but not too big) and are well soaked so you really only need to use one for the necessary areas. Before purchasing I read a couple of reviews that said these left a tacky film behind and I'd like to say that I haven't experienced this at all. On the contrary, the liquid absorbs quickly and leaves no residue behind for me. 

One thing I would say is that the definitely have an odd smell. It's not all that pleasant but it's not awful either. While it doesn't hang around on my face, it does linger on my fingers so I make sure to rinse them thoroughly. 

In short, if you're on the market for an acid toning product look no further. These really are wonderful. They're convenient and they really do the job so I can't fault them at all. It also doesn't hurt that you can always get a good deal on them online. Thank god for a good discount code eh! 

Kirstie x

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