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Wearable tech has been one to watch the past few months. We've all heard about it and thought about investing but there's a lot of negative nellys around casting doubt on such items. I've been eyeing a Fitbit since before Christmas now but always deemed it an unnecessary purchase. Did I really need another watch the counts my steps and monitors my heart rate... surely not. 

I've been visiting the gym and watching what I eat but I still have those days where I just can't be bothered. Some days I'll be raring to go and it will be great, but others it's a real struggle not to scoff all the biscuits. With those days in mind I went ahead and purchased the Fitbit Charge HR to keep me on track and you know what, it actually has. 

But how?

The brilliant thing about Fitbit is the app. I can sync my data to the app on my phone and see just how well/bad I'm doing at that particular time in terms of the goals I have set for myself. 

When I'm on track to reach my goals my motivation levels increase and I go out of my way to try and achieve them. If it means walking to my boyfriends house rather than driving, you can bet I'll be doing it. 

I've particularly found it useful to add what I've been eating on the app. Going through the day, I used to graze (albeit on healthy things) and the calories were definitely mounting up. The app works out how many calories I need to consume to reach my goal and as I add my daily food I can see how many I have left. I'm not a crazy calorie counter by any means but my food choices have definitely changed so I now get the most out of the calories I have. 

Another nifty feature is the workout function. Hold in the button for a few seconds and it'll vibrate briefly; this indicates the start of your workout. After doing this, I go about my business in the gym, be it cardio or weights and then tap it off when I'm all done. This for me is brilliant because I can see exactly how successful my workout was. Did I burn as many calories as I thought or more; did my workout last long enough. All these life changing questions that are begging for answers basically. I jest. 

I think the best way of looking at a product like this is a personal trainer on your wrist. While it can't tell you what exercises you should be doing it keeps enough of a track on you to make you want to succeed. 

This next bit is a total novelty I know but it's been such a fun function to explore and it's basically the ability to compete with your friends. From the working week to the weekend there are so many different challenges to do and it really gets your competitive side out. My boyfriend and me both have bands and it's almost funny the lengths we will go to in order to beat the other. Total novelty but there's definitely motivation benefits there too. 

While it's still early days for me and my Fitbit I just thought I would share with you how impressed I already am with it. I already had high hopes for it because I've wanted one for ages  but it's smashes all my expectations and I'd recommend it the world over. 

I'm sure I'll update you if my feelings do change  but up to now I've nothing but love for this little gadget. It's keeping me on track and for that I'm thankful because when you have no motivation I don't think there's anything worse. 

And that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed reading this and found it useful if you're looking into purchasing a device like mine. As always feel free to leave your links and comments down below. 

Kirstie x

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