Charlotte Tilbury: Worth the hype?

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There's nothing worse than buying into hype around a line and being disappointed. You've saved for it and have a feeling it will be the best thing ever, but then it's not. Bummer. If you aren't already aware of who Charlotte is then you must've been living under a rock. She's the World renowned make-up artist with a line of make-up that's supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread. Sadly I'm hear to tell you that it might actually be just as good as everyone says it is (with a few snags of course).
I'll start with the item I coveted the most and the item that started the obsession - the Dolce Vita Palette. I fell in love with promotional images of this and it was love at first swatch. These palettes retail for a whopping £36 (a whole naked palette will set you back a meagre £2 more for a bit of perspective) and contain only four shades. While the cost is a downer, it's only up from there. The look is all planned out for you and the lack of guesswork makes them a doddle for even the most challenged of us. Plus, that one palette can take you from day to night and every occasion in between. In terms of quality, they're sublime. They are perfectly pigmented and blend like a dream. They really deliver on all fronts I feel. As you can tell I'm a tad obsessed but there is definitely a but with these and it's the cost. As lovely as they are, if you wanted a diverse shade range or just these alone I feel the costs would be racking up. For variety and quality I don't think anything really comes close to Urban Decays offerings. For presents however I think these are a real luxury and I can see these being on many Christmas lists this year.
My next purchases are really the only other items I've coveted thus far and I think they're quite sensible purchases. A nude lipstick and a classic, matte red. Bitch Perfect was a ticking time bomb for me. I loved the name but wasn't sure I needed another MLBB lipstick (I did, I absolutely did). On a chance visit to Selfridges, I swatched it and it came home with me. This one I have zero regrets about. It's the perfect peachy/pinky/rosey nude and it's been a constantly in my handbag ever since. There's nothing about this product I would change (maybe the price - £23) from the packaging to the performance - it's lovely.
It's the lovely 1975 Red lipstick that's caused me troubles, but more on that in a second. This one was a part of the Norman Parkinson collection over summer and was a panic purchase. Throw the words limited edition in front of something and it will eventually find its way into my stash. Anyways, this orangey, matte red is almost perfection. The colour and wear time are great but the formula sort of sucks. Everyone boasts of how it doesn't dry their lips out at all, well I am here to tell you they either have incredibly moist lips or are a pack of liars. This stuff dries my lips out like crazy, even with preparation. It might just be me, but that's my experience. Either way it's a lovely colour and it's so nice I don't hate the dryness. Win. I only had this for a week when the bullet literally fell out onto the floor... queue gasps of horror and a bit of a belly wobble on my part. My £23 used once lipstick was now on the floor. After the initial OMG and upset I contacted their customer services with a polite note and an image included. Four e-mails later and I've yet to hear back.
Disgraceful. This happened a good few months back now and I've all but given up. I think it's pretty appalling that they go to great lengths to get you to spend your money but then don't care what happens once you've got your money. As a result my opinion of the brand has been slightly tainted. I clearly like their products but the aftercare is thoroughly disappointing.
In short the products are truly wonderful (well those I've tried at present are) but their customer relations leave a lot to be desired. On the flip side however, their actual counter staff are marvelous. Can't have it all eh?

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