5 Minute Make-up

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We've all been there, the alarm goes off and you hit snooze repeatedly. While those few precious extra minutes in bed are wonderful, we're left with little time to get ready and get out. 

I've found myself in this particular bind a lot lately and I've finally nailed down a routine which works. It is by no means a full on glam routine but it does the job. 

Prior to all this make-up loveliness I make sure I've cleansed and moisturised. This is crucial to your base looking flawless. 

Once we're done with the skin, I like to blend a pump and a half of the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation onto my face with my Beauty Bay sponge. Once I'm all bopped out I pop some of the Nars concealer underneath my eyes and on any pesky blemishes. Bop over them again and voila base done. If it's going to be a particularly busy day this is the point where I would use the Nars Light Reflecting setting powder but I've been skipping it lately and not really noticing the difference. 

To add a bit of colour back into my complexion I buff Chanel's Soleil Tan De Chanel onto my temples, cheeks etc (you know the drill with contouring). This adds a subtle bit of bronze and it fades nicely as the time passes which I quite like. 

This next step will come as a surprise to those that know me; I use a blush. I've always been wary of blush because you absolutely can overdo it, and no one wants to look like a doll. Tarte's Tipsy is one you could overdo easily but with a light hand and a good blend it brings the perfect flush to my cheeks. 

My eyes are an absolute no faff zone at the moment. I wish I was the girl that could get up early enough to whack on a smokey eye but I'm just not. A few coats of mascara (currently Max Factor False Lash Effect) and a bit of brow gel (Maybelline Brow Drama) and we're done. Nothing much to really see in that department frankly.

Last but certainly not least I finish up with a slick of NYX's Butter Gloss in the shade Eclair. This is the perfect everyday nudey, pink gloss and if you don't already own it, get on it ASAP.

And that my loves is how to leave the door, looking great when time is not on your side. 

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