Beauty Basics: Baby Oil

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While I may not have children myself, sometimes I find the best beauty bits on the baby aisle of the supermarket. For me, Johnson's baby oil has become a bit of a staple. We went on an extended break from our relationship and now we're going steady. Here's why...

It's affordable. I find that there's never really a time when you can't pick up a bottle on offer for half off and the likes. Even if you just find one use for it, I guarantee it's probably still cheaper than the alternative. For example this bottle cost me £1.50 whereas a body lotion of a similar size comes in at £2.50 upwards. Bear in mind this is just the start of the plus points. Which brings me to perhaps the best point of all. It has so many uses.

When I purchased my last bottle I was in need of a body moisturiser but had grown tired of actual lotions. After I've showered I simply massage a small amount into my wet skin, pat dry and done. No waiting around for sticky lotions anymore. Also this will actually give you the softest skin, not kidding. 

Another more recent discovery of mine is that it's actually not bad for shaving with. The oil provides a barrier layer which allows the razor to glide quite nicely. It's not quite as satisfying as shaving foam but it certainly does the job. Word of warning though don't use too much or you bathtub will become a hazard. Don't say I didn't warn you. 

This next one is really great if you're in a pinch. I say pinch because I don't think it's something I would do on a regular basis myself. You could even use it to cleanse with or alternatively add some to a cotton pad to remove eye make-up swiftly. I can report that it does the latter quite well. 

My next tip is great for if you're going out or you're on holiday and want lovely, glossy limbs. Massage a small amount onto your shins, collarbones and anywhere else you would like to highlight. This is a really cool trick as it really gives your skin a natural, healthy looking sheen. 

Last but not least, and I imagine this won't be groundbreaking, but you could also use a little bit as a cuticle oil post manicure. 

This post is just a few ideas of things that I've used it for myself. I assume that there are a good dozen or so more floating round the interwebs that I've yet to discover. If you're aware of another amazing way to use baby oil feel free to leave a comment and let us all in on your secret. 

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