Kate Spade Haul

by - 18:25:00

Since purchasing my first Kate Spade Idiom bangle I've been itching to add to my collection. Sadly the two that I needed to complete my holy trinity were either out of stock or weren't available in the UK.

I've been checking online pretty much everyday just on the off chance I might get lucky, and last Sunday I did. Consequently, the 'Stop and Smell the Roses' bangle (£17) and 'Find the Silver lining' bangle (£28) landed on my doorstep yesterday. 

Suffice to say I'm over the moon with both of them. They really complete the set ( I started with the heart of gold one) and I love the hidden messages. I know they can't be seen by anyone else, but they're nice little reminders for me. 

While I buy these as presents to myself, I'd highly recommend them as gifts. They come beautifully packaged; are fantastic quality and I feel that there really is something for everyone in the Idioms line. I've yet to take mine off my arm and that's saying something. The only other wrist wear I'm loyal to is my trusty Fitbit. 

If bangles aren't quite your thing I'd still recommend checking out Kate Spade as a brand, more so for the accessories and stationary. For girly gifts I really rate the brand and I've yet to be disappointed. If I didn't have a trip to the States on the books, I'd be bulk ordering her notebooks ASAP. 

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