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A haul post, I know what you're thinking because it has indeed been a good while since I've done one. With a good few trips in the not so distant future I've been all about saving money but a girl needs a treat every once in a while. 

For those of you that don't know I live in Manchester and we've not so recently had a Kiko store open up in our area. Till yesterday I only had a lip liner and one of their Long Lasting Stick eye shadows. Now I have the beginnings of a collection it would seem.

This haul isn't very varied as you can see but I picked up some great products at really great prices so I thought I would share the goodies with you. 

First I picked up another three of the shadow sticks. The first one I grabbed was number 19 (Anthracite), this shimmery grey/black would make the perfect base for a classic smoky eye. I recently picked up the NYX Jumbo Stick in Black bean and it's not what I thought it would be so hopefully this will do the job. Next I went for 06 (Golden Brown) which is a typical shimmery bronze. As I'm going on vacation in a few weeks I thought this would be a great addition to my travel make-up bag. The colour is beautiful and it's something that's so easy to apply that it's a no brainer. Last but not least is 25 (Light Taupe), which is a pale, shimmery, creamy, grey/taupe. Apologies for the poor description but it's such a hard one to describe. Either way it's a lovely everyday lid shade and having wore it today I can say that I have no regrets. 

Sticking with the whole cream shadow section I also thought I would give their Cream Crush shadows a go. If I had to compare I'd say these are very much a dupe for the Max Factor Excess Shimmer shadows. They've got a liquid/mousse texture, blend like a dream and are not going to budge once applied. The two I chose were 01 (Pearly Vintage Rose) which is a typical shimmery champagne, because we all need one of those right? And sticking with the typical-ness I got a shimmery bronze which is 06 (Pearly Chocolate).

The best part about this haul is that I got 50% off my entire purchase making these £3.40 a piece . Who doesn't love a good discount. Even at full price these guys are a bargain but I know Kiko regular hold sales/offers so check before you checkout if you're purchasing online.  

And that's all for my haul guys, I'll try not to leave it too long till my next spree! 

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