Post Workout Routine

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While it's all good and well working up a sweat, it's another thing to roll out in your post gym glow (sweaty, red face). If you want people to know you worked out and love a good swelfie, power to you. I on the other hand can't wait to get clean. 

If I've done a particularly gruelling session nothing will do but a bath. I'm not picky about my bath products at all, but I've recently picked up this Imperial Leather one and it's quite nice. For me, a bath is the ultimate way to unwind and when my muscles are giving me hell, that relief is magical. 

For those busier days, there's no choice but to hop in the shower. At the moment it's something I look forward to as this Marshmallow shower gel is the best thing to ever grace my shower. It's always on offer, smells incredible and why haven't you bought a bottle yet? Go, go go!

Before I dry off I like to apply a generous amount of Johnson's Baby Oil and a slick of 
 Dove deodorant . That out of the way, it's time to move onto the face. My sweaty mess of a face always call for my Superfacialist Cleansing Oil. Nothing makes my skin feel cleaner without drying it out. Cleansing done I'll either throw on a moisturiser/ facial oil, I'm not to fussy. 

Last but not least it's time to tend to the hair. I'm not really a hair styler, it does it's own thing and I'm fine. That being said, a few spritzes of Batiste dry shampoo after working out gives my hair a little oomph that my tight bun no doubt took away. 

And voila, I'm ready to carry on with the rest of my day. 

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