Are we using too many skincare products?

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This is a question I asked myself the other week after applying roughly 7 different products to my face. In my case the answer is yes. Nowadays we're very much aware of the benefits of looking after our skin. As a result we cleanse; polish; primp and prime our skin till the cows come home. I used to believe that more is more when it came to skincare but after a major cull, the opposite couldn't be more true.

In my quest for complexion perfection, I actually cut out all my skincare extras recently and the results were quite surprising. Prior to my little experiment I used to have a five step regimen in the morning and a seven step regimen at night. That's 12 things I did to my face on a daily basis and I can now see that all this actually aggravated my skin.

I've since cut back to the traditional cleanse (double cleanse at night of course), tone and moisturise routine and I'm pleased to say my face hasn't fallen off. It actually appears much clearer and calmer to be honest. While my serum, acid toner and even eye cream no longer have a place in my everyday essentials, I will switch them in if my skin needs a little help. I now work off what my skin looks like it needs, rather than what I assume it needs. In doing this, I'm not subjecting my skin to unnecessary processes and chemicals and my skin is definitely happier. 

Is it time you took a stock take of your routine? Let me know down below your thoughts Do you love an extensive regime; is it necessary or is basics always best?

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