Backpacking for Beauty Junkies

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So, I'm off backpacking in Thailand in a little over a month. I can't wait to start my adventure but packing has been perhaps the greatest challenge I've faced in my life yet. With a suitcase you fill it to the brim and don't worry about the weight because you can roll it along. I'm taking a rucksack so my usual beauty routine isn't going to cut it. This is definitely a case of less is less but I'm working with it. 

With all that in mind I thought I would share with you a few tips that have helped me pack without compromising.

Take What You NEED

While you might want to take every lipstick you own, it's not practical. To get my beauty kit in check I've gone back to absolute basics. It might be no frills but it has everything I could possibly need. Do I need to wash my face, yes. Do I need to contour like a  Kardashian, no. Hence a cleansing oil and no bronzer, contour or highlight. By taking only essentials, you're freeing up space in your backpack for cool trinkets and freeing up your time for fun. 

Go Miniature

While you might swear by a particular product at home, sometimes the packaging makes it difficult to travel with. To remedy this invest in some re-usable travel bottles (I like the Muji ones) and simply fill them with your home comforts. I've used some for shampoo/conditioner, cleansers and the likes. By doing this I can stick with my routine and products I like, whilst not hulking around bulky bottles. 

Sharing is Caring

If you're travelling as a group you could share your beauty bits with each other. Unless your needs are drastically different, toiletries, tools and the likes can definitely be shared. So instead of packing a hair dryer each, take one and someone take something else. Not only will you reduce the weight your carrying but you might be able to stow away some otherwise non-essential items. Hello sneaky bold lipstick.

Don't Worry

If you forget something, don't worry. I'm sure wherever you're going (unless it's off the beaten track) you'll be able to purchase whatever you're missing/forgot. Is it inconvenient yes, but things can be fixed. Also check to see whether your hotel provides toiletries as this can save you money and space - score!

My Essentials

  • Shampoo/Conditioner - your hair will eventually need washing
  • Shower Gel - same as above but your body - keep it clean people
  • Skincare (cleanser/moisturiser etc) again, you might want to wash your face
  • SPF - because duh! If sunnier climes are calling, don't leave without this
  • Lipbalm/Mascara - my only make-up must haves when travelling.
  • Perfume - I attach memories to scent, so a good fragrance is essential to me. 

And that's just a rough guide as to how I've gone about selecting my items. Check back to see what made the final cut in the not so distant future.

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