Find The Silver Lining

by - 17:20:00

We all know the saying, 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade'. But what should you do when life isn't giving you lemons? 

I've found myself in this particular space at the moment and to say it's disheartening is an understatement. It's affected how I see myself and my general mood. While I used to be quite chirpy, I've withdrew myself and dug myself an even bigger hole if you will. 

Everyone has ups and downs; I'm just tired of the downs. If life isn't going to give me lemons, I figured it's time to grow my own. This past week I've took some time to reconnect with myself and things I love and it's really helped me pick myself up and dust myself off.

Exercise has been a huge part of this, in particular Yoga With Adriene. I've been following her Yoga Camp Series and it's really revived me. I feel calmer, stronger and more at ease now and I really feel these videos worked a treat. From a complete beginner to a more experienced Yogi, Adriene has something for everyone and she's a brilliant instructor too. 

Another thing I've been indulging in is playing with make-up again. I used to do this a fair bit a few years back but it had fallen by the wayside a little. This week I've been taking the time to create looks and use products I love and it's been really fun. While it may mean less time in bed in the morning, I love the feeling of being made up and the confidence that comes with it. 

This next item is a recent purchase that I bought for the message. Little did I know it would be the constant reminder I needed. I am of course talking about the Kate Spade 'Find the Silver lining' idiom bangle. I've not taken it off this past week, and everytime I look at it I'm constantly reminded that things could be much worse. So on one hand it's a chic accessory and the other it's a nice reminder tool. 

Last but not least is something so trivial, a tea bag of all things. I picked up the Pukka Womankind teas on a recent trip to Tesco and I'm delighted I did. While I don't get the branding of teas as specifically for women, the fruity, vanilla flavour is a delight. Add a dash of honey and you'll find nirvana I swear. 

And those have been my little pick me ups for this past week. Sometimes when things aren't going the way you'd like you have to touch base with yourself before you throw yourself back into the pond again. Sometimes you have to learn to love yourself and the rest will follow. 

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