Pops of Pink

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This week has been pretty miserable weather wise, and my mood has very much reflected that. While tinkering around with my usual make-up routine this week I actually switched a few bits out and I'm now having a bit of a pink revival. It perks up my complexion and anything beats out another nude product at the moment.

The product that started this all is the YSL Rouge Volupte in Opera Rose (29). I wore it to a concert this weekend, and it looked great. More importantly people told me it looked great. A light layer patted into lips, equals rosy pink perfection. It's a natural, effortless look but it definitely adds something.

Keeping with the pink product revival theme, I've also gone back to my Dior Rosy Glow blush. This is one of the priciest products I've ever purchased. I snagged mine with a discount and even then I whelped at the price tag. But every time I use it, I'm wowed. There's a little bit of science behind this one, but apparently it reacts with the moisture in the skin to create a custom flush. Much alike those lip balms that change colour. While it may look bright pink in the pan, it ends up a rosy, pink hue on me. Most importantly it looks so natural, though I would recommend applying with a light hand. 

My last little change up was the result of being stuck in a scent rut. Unless I'm going out, I use whatever perfume I have in my bag. It had been Marc Jacobs Lola for a good 3 months and I just needed a change. Don't get me wrong I love the original Lola but I stopped appreciating it. Not wanting to stray too far, I actually got out Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola. It's lighter and a little more nose friendly in my opinion. It's feminine, girly and just lovely. I'd recommend it to anyone. 

So those are the little switches I've made. Turns out when it's grey and miserable, just adding pink will turn things around. What are you waiting for?

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