Sarah Chapman Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse - First Impressions

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After my previous nightmare with the Super Facialist cleanser, I went running to Feelunique for something to fix my face. After a lot of time flitting between options, I decided to try something new and so this beauty winged its way to me. 

I've heard nothing but good things about the Sarah Chapman line. She's a favourite of both celebrities and mere mortals, so what could go wrong? Turns out nothing and now I'm itching to try more of her line. But for today lets talk about her Ultimate Cleanse (£40). 

Starting with the packaging; it's so chic. For those of you expecting glass for the price tag you will be disappointed - it's plastic. So for me, it looks nice on the shelf but to touch and use it feels quite cheap (especially the pump). Niggles aside I think it's clever because the product as a whole has a very unisex feel to it. Many brands have separate lines for mens skincare but I can see men gravitating towards this just as much as women would. 

Enough of that though, onto what really matters. The product itself is very similar to the Emma Hardie balm in consistency, albeit a tad lighter in texture. It's the right thickness is what I'm trying to say. A quick massage around the face and the balm melts into a gorgeous oil that's an absolute delight to use. It doesn't tug on the skin at all and a little really does go a long way. Just under a pump of product does my entire face and neck thoroughly. If I had to say one thing I'm not overly keen on, it's the scent. It's smells incredibly unusual, like a cross between Vicks rub and a spa. I told you it was an odd one. It's not unpleasant by any means, just odd. 

So what's actually inside? Turns out a lot of fancy sounding ingredients. As you would expect for the price (and given the brand background), this cleanser has a whole host of ingredients that should give your skin the cleanse of a lifetime. 

On the back, the high performance ingredients are listed as - Vitamin A Palmitate (part of the retinol family); Vitamin E; Coenzyme Q10 (good for anti-ageing apparently); Dermaxyl (another anti-ageing doodah), Borage oil (has anti-inflammatory properties), Baobab oil; Rosehip oil, Jojoba oil, Abyssinian oil and Meadowfoam Seed oil.

Quite the concoction eh? And those are just the high performance ones. As this is just a first impressions I obviously cannot comment on the long term effects of using this product. I am however excited to see if this does anything. Check back to find out I suppose. 

So far, I'm really enjoying using this cleanser. It feels luxurious and at night I look forward to using it. Because it cost a little bit more, I'm also taking my time when I use it so imagine I'm cleansing better than before. So far so good, but lets see how I get on. 

In the meantime let me know if you guys have tried this line/product and if you have any recommendations. I'm all ears.

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