L'Oreal True Match and Infallible Matte Foundations - Verdict

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So it's been almost a month now so I thought I would weigh in on these two foundations finally. The shade matches are completely off but alas this wasn't the worst thing about either of these foundations. Lets jump in shall we.

I'm going to start with the best of a bad draw, and that's the Infallible Matte foundation (£7.99). This isn't crazy orange on me, it does last a decent amount of time and can look great (note the can). But that's about it. The first issue I encountered was with the actual application. It's a very dry formula in the sense that it's very difficult to blend. Forget about dotting it around your face and then blending. Even on well moisturised skin, I found that I just couldn't get it to spread well enough. It basically sets so quick, that the finished result was pretty much guaranteed to be patchy (on me anyways). Sticking with the dry theme, I found that if I used this product multiple days in a row it would actually dry my skin out. After four consecutive days of use my skin was noticeably more flaky and tighter feeling. I can't pin this on anything other than the foundation, as I'd changed nothing else in my routine. Who knows, I could be allergic to the ingredients. But as I said before if this works for you then it's a brilliant one for longevity and the price point is fantastic. 

Now onto the biggest disappointment, the True Match foundation (£9.99). By far this is the most talked about, loved L'Oreal foundation and I really did have high hopes. Sadly it's just not for me, but for once it's a case of personal preference and not a bad formula. Well that's not entirely true, it oxidised like crazy on me, but you win some you lose some. Otherwise this provides great coverage, blends like a dream and is beautifully luminous. It's through using this product though, that I've realised I actually prefer a lower coverage product. This really airbrushes the skin and gives that flawless look, but it's not a look I like on me sadly. I wish I'd known this all along as my flawless, dream base is now likely to me a tinted moisturiser and not a foundation. Change of quest folks. 

So was it a waste of money, possibly, but if you don't try you never know. In the meantime I'm going to keep working with these and find a way to make them work for me. I paid for them and by god I will find a purpose for them. In the meantime let me know your favourite lightweight base products down below.

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