Veet Oriental Wax

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Hair removal; most of us do it to some degree, but it's not often talked about. It was only after purchasing my 9th/10th pot of this wax, that I realised I hadn't shared it on here before. I've been using Veet's Oriental Wax for a little over a year now and it never disappoints. 

A little disclaimer first, please if you do go out and buy/use this please take care. I'd used strip wax kits prior to this so had a little bit of experience, but watch some videos or have a read online before you get stuck in. 

Anyway, enough of that, onto why this stuff is a must have for me. And now hopefully you too!

I suppose the obvious reason to keep it around, is that it works. With a good technique and the hair the right length you can achieve salon results at home. I use this to wax my bikini area and underarms and afterwards they're completely hair free and looking great. I've been waxing consistently and the hair takes much longer to grow back; it's much finer and there's definitely less of it. What more could you ask for?

The second think I like about this product is that it comes with everything you need to successfully wax at home, You get a generous amount of reusable wax strips; two spatulas, an instruction sheet and of course the pot of wax. If you're just getting started I think it's a great place to start. 

Aside from working, I think a really great thing about this product in particular is the emphasis on safety. The spatulas in the kit have little blue indicators on them. Once you've heated the wax, you can use this feature to determine when the wax is the right temperature to use. No one wants burns, so I think this is a brilliant concept. 

The last few things to mention are the price and roughly how many uses you get. I try to get mine when it's on offer, but it's typically between £9-£10 depending on where you get it from. I balked at this the first time I bought it, but for every one I buy, I get at least 2 full bikini and underarm waxes. When you compare this to salon prices, you're definitely quids in. 

Safe to say if you've a beach to be or, or unwanted hair to banish I'd suggest you give it a whirl. Let me know if you do, and how you got on.

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