Eau Thermale Avène Hydrance Optimale UV Riche

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I've been trialling this for a good while now, so I thought I would report back and let you guys know what I think. But first, what is it?

From the brand themselves, it is a "hydrating moisturiser to protect the skin from daily aggressors". It contains Meiboserin which apparently stops the thermal spring water from evaporating from the skin. This sounds fantastic as it should ensure the skin is truly hydrated. It also contains Lipomucine which apparently helps increase the coverage of SPF20 on the skin. Other than that, no major claims or crazy ingredients. 

Now does it work? My final answer is yes and no. I bought this because my skin was having a bit of a sensitive moment. All my existing moisturisers weren't working, and were seemingly making everything worse. As a brand that markets themselves a sensitive skin brand, I had high hopes. 

The first thing I noticed was the scent. For me, if you're targeting people with sensitive skin, your products shouldn't have a fragrance at all. It's not even a particularly subtle scent. It's pleasant by my skin doesn't really like added fragrance. 

The next issue for me is that it's not particularly 'rich' and hence isn't that moisturising. It's between a light and rich formula, but leans more lighter in consistency. I don't know what I was expecting, but my skin just doesn't feel that hydrated after use. And I will add, that I have to use a lot of product to get a nice even layer on my skin. Even after this generous amount though, my skin feels tight after 15-20 minutes. Not ideal. 

Anyways enough of the negativity, this product isn't all doom and gloom. I suppose the big plus point, is that it offers SPF20. We all know we should wear it, and it's a good amount. For me SPF30 would've been preferable, but that's just personal choice. 

In terms of sensitivity, I will say that it does seem to ease most of the redness I've been experiencing. It might not be this product exactly, but I definitely seems to help calm and soothe my skin. 

Overall, it's just alright. It hasn't wowed me, and I don't think I'll be repurchasing. But as they say, you don't know if you don't try. It may very well be the holy grail you've been looking for, it just sadly wasn't mine. 

If you fancy giving it a whirl you can find it here for £14.50.

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