Make-up Storage

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There comes a time in every make-up lovers life, where you have to take out the trash as it were. Over time, the hauls result in a pile of make-up you no longer like, or didn't work out for you. While you spent money on said pile, there comes a point where you have to be brutal and throw a good chunk of it away. 

I had my declutter this past weekend and while it was sad to see so much money go into the trash, I feel at peace now. I may have fewer options, but there's no downside because I love everything I kept. I now get to use products I love rather than using something because I want to use it up and toss it out. It's a revelation. 

Aside from having less make-up, I also got to stow my Muji drawers away. They're practical but I was just tired of looking at them. Sometimes it's good to see what you have, other times it's just a reminder of all the s**t you bought and regret. It's cleared up so much space and I just wish I'd done it sooner.

As you can see, I now use a glass tray to display everything if you will. It belonged to my Grandma and I've always wanted to have it in my room. I just needed a good enough plan to convince my Mum to hand it over. Mission accomplished and it now sits proudly on top of my drawers. I love it's vintage look and it's great to have my products where I can actually see them all. It makes slapping it on even easier. 

For my brushes, I'd love to find a matching glass but that's something for another day. In the meantime, I'm using a candle holder I bought a while ago. It's very Gatsby and I love it. They're not matching but I think it still looks cool, and it does its job. 

So that's my little set up and the sort of story of how it came to be. I'm now going to avoid unnecessary hauls and product hype to keep it nice and edited. I think I'm finally starting to learn that I don't need ALL the make-up. Does that make me a grown up? 

As always, you've seen mine so feel free to share you're storage solutions with me!

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