Maybelline Lash Sensational Intense Black Mascara

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So I've used it everyday for a week, so I think it's time to check in and let you know what I think. Shall we?

I'm going to get the only negative out of the way straight away. If you want a mascara that literally cannot be removed you're in luck, but it's been a challenge for me. I previously owned the waterproof version, you'd think that would be the hardest to remove, but no. This Intense Black (£7.99) formula takes forever to get off. I've tried my usual eye make-up removers; balms and oils and it still takes over five minutes per eye. When you're tired and want your bed, it's the worst. On the flip side, if you need a bulletproof formula, this mascara will be your best friend. On to all the good things now and there are plenty! 

First of all it's brilliant for separating and elongating lashes. I used to use Chanel's Inimitable Mascara (£25), and this one is very close in terms of the look it achieves. So if you want natural, long lashes look no further. For me, it's the first mascara in a while to deliver the look I've been after for so long. I like mine long and fanned out, and I can achieve it on a budget. Winner. If you're after a more dramatic look, maybe try the waterproof formula; I definitely got more volume from that one. 

The next thing I love is that it still holds a curl, without being waterproof. My lashes are normally stick straight not long after using regular mascara, so this was a revelation for me. That being said, it's difficult to remove, so maybe that's the price I have to pay for curled lashes. Nevertheless it was a pleasant surprise. 

Last but not least - no smudging or flaking. After a long day, there's nothing worse than looking in the mirror and seeing panda rings. For me, if my mascara isn't up to scratch I get transfer onto my eyelids. While it's not the end of the world, it definitely makes me paranoid. I sometimes even notice that I avoid looking upwards just in case. Perhaps the most ridiculous example of suffering for beauty eh? With this one though, I've yet to experience it. There's still time yet of course, but through rain and shine this ones been pretty consistent. 

So as you can probably tell, I'm a big fan of this mascara. For the price point I don't think I've come across anything as good. It does what I need it to and I don't have to save up to replace it when the tube dries out. Safe to say I'm very pleased with my purchase and just in general my last haul was full of great products. The L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper (£5.99) has  changed my brow routine forever. But I will get to that in another post.

In the meantime let me know your favourite mascara and of course have a great weekend!

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