My Lipstick Wardrobe

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Variety is apparently the spice of life, but is there such a thing as too much choice? At the moment I'm starting to think so. My lipstick collection could probably last me a lifetime right now. Which means most of them will probably go off before I show any interest again. 

I recently took the time to think about what I actually use and it came down to only three. An every day nude; bold berry and classic red.

The nude shade I gravitate towards is Charlotte Tilbury's 'Bitch Pefect'. This delicate, peachy/pink shade is my ideal nude. It softens without that awful concealer effect and works with pretty much every look I do. A real winner, though I would love to find a cheaper alternative. 

For most of Winter, my go to shade is MAC's Cremesheen in the shade 'Hang Up'. In the bullet it looks terrifying, but rest assured its a gorgeous deep berry shade. If I want a subtle everyday berry, I simple pat it onto my lips. For those rare nights out however, I apply it straight from the bullet (after lip liner obviously). It's definitely a strong look, but with everything else pared back it's perfect. 

Last but not least, the classic red. I hate when people say they can't wear red. You absolutely can, you just need to find the perfect red for you. L'Oreal's Collection Exclusive Pure Reds is the perfect place to start the search. Each L'Oreal ambassador has their own Pure Red, so it's just a case of finding the one closest to you in colouring. I have Blake's Pure Red, and on me it's perfection. It's a matte, true Hollywood red and it's the most glamorous shade I own. 

And that's all the lipstick I need apparently. I say apparently, because who can have just three? I'd like that girl to be me, but she ain't. It's nice to know I only need three in an emergency though; every cloud and all that.

Now you've seen inside my little lip closet, it's your turn to share yours with me. What shades do you have to have? 

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