Top Tips: Thailand

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The Land of Smiles, really is just that. The people are friendly; the food's incredible and the scenery is beyond gorgeous. But where do you start? Today I thought I would share with you a few things I wish I'd known before I left for Bangkok, and just general advice.

1. This one only really applies to Bangkok, but it's not to try and walk everywhere. In this vibrant city, there's a lot to see and do. It's quite overwhelming actually. When I'm in a new city, I always want to walk just to get a feel for the place and perhaps find something off the map. 

In Bangkok, grab a cab (or if you're feeling spendy a Tuk Tuk). They really don't cost a lot and it will save you sore feet, and a boat load of time. 

2. Pack a mosquito net or some thin pyjamas for nighttime. I'd never been bit before, until I got to Ko Pha-Ngan. From that moment on I was practically eaten alive (even with insect repellant). The only way I seemed to get things under control was to cover up. It's better to be safe than sorry. It definitely wasn't a cute look being covered in red blotches!

3. If you're travelling between islands via ferry, get there around 15 minutes before departure. This means your luggage won't be buried, and you'll be able to exit and move on quickly. I'm a stickler for being on time, but this cost me dearly when I'd reached my destination. 

4.  Worry less. In the months and weeks leading up to my trip, people were constantly telling me to be careful. There were horror stories about friends of friends, and all that jazz. Needless to say I naturally had a few nerves. It's a long way away and it's very different culturally too. 

I'm back, alive and well and I didn't have any unsavoury events happen. Bad things can happen anywhere, it's mostly a case of wrong place, wrong time. Thailand isn't riddled with awful people, like most places it has a handful. Don't believe the stories and any documentaries you might see. Book a flight and see for yourself, it'll be the best decision you make I promise.

5.  Be careful with food. While the food is delicious, cheap and plentiful, your stomach might need an adjustment period. At home I eat noodles for every other meal, and haven't met a green curry I didn't like. Sadly the same wasn't true in terms of the real deal. Pretty much every other day I was guaranteed a mild bout of food poisoning. Not ideal, but nothing unmanageable either. 

With that in mind be careful where you actually get your food from. That street food might've been a great idea at the time, but it might be the worst decision you make. They often don't wash their hands, and I saw them washing utensils and the likes in a bucket of stagnant water. Yes it's part of the lifestyle but just be careful. It's not worth being stuck in bed for, trust me. 

6. You might not think of this one while you're on dry land, but take seasickness tablets with you. If you're moving around, you'll probably be taking a ferry. The seas aren't always flat and it can become quite unpleasant if you do suffer. Two hours from Ko Tao to Ko Samui can feel like an eternity if you're ill, so get them packed.

7. Just say yes. I'm very much a play it safe person. I'd travelled too far to say no, and I've no regrets. I tried scuba diving; jumped off a boat and saw a shark. Get out there, and get saying yes to Thailand. 

See you on the beach!

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