Travel Skincare Routine: Thailand

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Travelling is a wonderful thing to do, but it's a packing nightmare for product junkies like me. I'm a skincare fanatic so the thought of travelling light isn't music to my ears. I sucked it up, made my picks and you know what, I was actually quite pleased.

It's a stripped back routine, but my skin stayed clear and happy throughout so I couldn't really ask for much more. 

Cleanser wise I might actually surprise you. I took the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser (£15), which is foaming.. I've avoiding the dreaded foaming cleansers for a good while now, but this one proves they aren't all bad. It foams a fair amount, but my skin didn't become dry or tight at all. I used it twice a day for over three weeks and my face didn't fall off. Hurray! Safe to say I'm become quite the fan of this one.

Sticking on the safer side of things, I also took along my trusty Superfacialist Cleansing Oil (£10.99). By now I imagine you know the drill with this one. It smells beautiful and will remove all of the c**p your face gathers during those hot sticky holiday days. As you can see, I decanted it into a Muji travel bottle. While the product itself is ace, the packaging isn't that travel friendly. 

When going to sunnier climes, SPF is perhaps the most important thing to pack. It took me forever to choose one, but the La Roche Posay one finally won me over. Their Anthelios XL Comfort Cream SPF50 (£15.50) is hydrating and really does the job of protecting the skin. Just make sure you double cleanse in the evenings as this stuff is quite heavy so could lead to breakouts and the likes.If you have an oilier skin I would probably recommend checking out the light fluid as opposed to this one though. Overall a really great product and it was worth the time and research to find my perfect SPF.

Waterproof mascara is a must have for holidays, but it's also a bugger to remove. To take it all off I packed a travel bottle of the Nivea Double Effect (£3.89) one. I'm a huge fan of this one and I wouldn't trust anything else to do the job for me. 

Eye make-up removed (I wore no other make-up the entire time) I added a bit of the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate (£37), and Simple's Soothing Eye Balm (£3.65) and I was ready for bed. 

And that was my little skincare kit. It was really great to see that my face doesn't need a million things to look great. Besides, having a simple routine left me more time to get out and hit the beach. 

See you out there!

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