Weekend Things #2

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It's the weekend, so I've got another round of weekend things for you. I'm going to stick with a song for every weekend I think, because why not. This week I've had James Bay's 'Best Fake Smile' on a loop. The lyrics are relatable; the video is great and the song is so catchy. Get listening. 

Last weekend I mentioned using the weekends for cooking. This week I'm heading into the city, so I'm all about eating out and quality time for this one. One of my favourite things to do is to find a new place I like. Manchester is home to so many great places to eat, so I'm going to get out and explore my options. With that in mind, see what your area has to offer, who knows what you might find. Today I think we're going to try the much hyped Burger and Lobster. Here's hoping it's as good as everyone says it is.

Since I'm heading out and having a sociable weekend, I need to have a killer beauty look. When you've work to go to, it's not really the right time to try a new look. Fast forward to the weekend and you've time to perfect that cat eye or try a brighter lip. I'm aiming for a glowing skin look a la Gigi Hadid, so we'll see how I get on. 

My last idea for this weekend, is to take advantage of the sunshine we're currently experiencing. Whether you make a dash to the seaside, or have a picnic in the park, don't miss out. Who knows when the weather will be this nice again! I for one will be finding myself a nice beer garden. Bottoms up!

Have a great weekend guys!

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