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With Summer approaching rapidly, and the need to wear a bikini practically imminent, most of us are probably looking to get ourselves in shape. Whether weight loss is your ultimate goal or you want to tone up a little, everyone has fitness goals. The problem comes, when you want to achieve these goals with minimal to no spending. Fear not, today I thought I would share with you a few things you can do to get fit without spending a penny. 

This first suggestion should come as no surprise, but go for a run. The simplest of cardio exercises will get your heart racing and the sweat pouring. Grab your trainers, hit the streets and get to work. Running won't just help you burn calories, it will also tone your legs over time too. I don't know about you but I love a good two in one, so running is perfect. 

If running through town doesn't sound like it would be up your street, look closer to home. Stairs; pretty much every house has them so get using them. Why pay to use a stairmaster at the gym when you've got one at home? A few lengths up and down the stairs will get you sweating, and the incline will have you legs working overtime. As the scenery doesn't change, this can get boring very quickly, but it's free and it works. 

My next tip is going to take you back to the playground, but trust me it's a good one. Skipping. I don't know how I enjoyed it so much as a child, because I find it pretty gruelling these days. As part of Kayla Itsine's BBG program, some of the circuits incorporate a length of time skipping. In the early weeks, it's two minutes and that was plenty. I'd be red in the face, sweaty and so out of breath. Ever since, if I've ever wanted to up my cardio I've picked up the ropes and gone for it. It might seem like child's play, but give it a go and watch the calories burn up!

I think I've wittered on about cardio for far too long now, so it's time to address toning up. Without already owning weights (or knowing someone who does), the easiest way to tackle this challenge is by doing body weight exercises. By that I mean sit ups, pushups and the likes. Exercises like these use your own weight to build strength and tone. If you want to be very muscular, this obviously won't help you achieve that, but otherwise they're great. To get the most out of doing something like this, find a few exercises to do and work them into a circuit. Incorporate four or five moves, do 20/30 reps of each and repeat accordingly. As you progress increase the reps and you have a homemade workout program. Who knows, you might be the next Instagram fitness sensation!

If body weight exercises and circuits aren't quite cutting it, you could use household objects as makeshift weights. I've been known to use tins and even tools at times. With this comes an obvious warning, be careful with what you choose to use. That heavy ornamental sword might be a great weight, but it's not practical so step away. As always, start light with 15/20 reps and build your way up. 

If all of these DIY ideas aren't quite floating your boat, head to YouTube. On there you can find videos covering most exercise genres. Whether you're looking for Yoga or a high intensity cardio session, there's those and everything in between. For a good place to start look at Blogilates or Fitnessblender. I've dabbled with both of these channels and had great workouts as a result. They provide a structured workout with no cost involved, so what have you got to lose?

And that pretty much wraps it up for today. I hope you found this post useful and maybe it even gave you a few new ideas. Getting fit should be fun, so forget about memberships and costly classes and get out there! If you've any other great ideas that fit this post feel free to comment down below! 

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