Get Motivated: Get Fit

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I'm a fitness freak, there I said it. For me, nothing quite compares to the thrill of smashing a record on the Nike+ app, but I'm aware this isn't the case for everyone. Today therefore, I thought I would walk you through a few ways you can get that same fire in your belly. 

Get A Workout Buddy

Grab a friend and get sweating. Having a partner there for encouragement should spur you on. When things get tough, they'll be your best cheerleader and you'll push yourself harder than you thought you ever could. It also helps that you've someone else relying on you to show up and get cracking. By having that sense of obligation, you're more likely to hop off the sofa and get it done. It also doesn't hurt that it's practically socialising. Like going for a coffee with your friend, but with no coffee, and sweat. 

Dress The Part

Instead of slipping on jeans in the morning, stick your workout clothes on. When you look and feel the part, you're more likely to perform. If I start the day in regular clothes, there's a slim chance I'll change to workout. If I whack on a sports bra and a top, I feel almost obliged to workout. If I look the part and don't, I always feel a sense of failure when I get changed. No one wants to feel like that, so get dressed and get working. 

Treat Yourself

It's all good and well me saying dress the part, but what you wear is definitely an important motivator. Treat yourself to cute workout clothes and you're definitely more likely to hit the gym. It would be a shame to keep those VS Sport's Bra's hiding in a drawer now wouldn't it? Another thing to bear in mind is that workout clothes can be so dang expensive. When you've broke the bank to kit yourself out, you owe it to yourself to wear them as much as possible. So you can see where this is going can't you. Bottom line is, we always feel much better doing whatever we're doing if we look great. 

Set A Goal

Goals are what motivates us all. Whether you want to lose weight for your wedding or tone up for a beach break, these are all goals. Set them, have a completion date in mind and get to work. Along the way, keep a journal and note how you feel after working out. If you ever have a tough day, read it back and see how far you've come. Once you've reached one goal, keep it going and continue your fitness journey. No matter how fit you become, there will always be something more to achieve.

Find Your Fit

Totally stealing the FitBit slogan there, but basically find a form of exercise you love. Whether it's spin class or a jog in the park, find what makes you tick and stick at it. Consistency is key when it comes to getting fit, so there's no point in dipping in and out because you aren't enjoying what you're doing. 

Food For Thought

This is by no means the healthiest motivator, but it will work. If you're exercising and burning calories, you technically have more space for treats. You by no means should finish a run and have sweets, but once in a while you can afford that delicious reward. I find that if I've had a really active week, I won't have any regrets when I have whatever it is that I'm craving. If I've been lazy, that treat weighs on my mind, and no one wants that. Motto of the story, work hard/eat well. 

Do It For You

For me this is the most important thing of all. If you're doing it for someone else, you're likely to struggle. When I workout, it's because I want to and I want to change/improve myself. If I was trying to achieve someone else's expectations, it would probably drive me nuts. Do it for you and what you want to achieve. Enjoy the me time fitness affords you, and enjoy that time to reflect on where you're going and where you've been. 

It's also really important that you're there for yourself, because only you can look after you. It's your job to look after your body and only you can make it happen. 

So yeah, those are my two cents if you will. I could give you a hundred reasons, but you either want it right now or you don't. When you feel that urge, run with it and make something of it. 

And that's about the end of it for today. I've shared with you, now it's your turn to send some motivation my way. What's the best bit of motivation advice you've ever been given?

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