How To Feel Confident In A Bikini

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Unless you're a tanned, toned supermodel, getting your kit off at the beach is a daunting experience. We're pretty much naked in front of a bunch of strangers, so yeah, that's going to be uncomfortable. But it doesn't have to be. Today I thought I would share a few pieces of advice that have helped me in this particular department. 

Find The Right Bikini

This is one of the best pieces of advice I've got to give. Finding a shape/cut that works for your body type can be a real game changer. The best way to find what works is to try on a bunch of different styles. Go with a friend or take pictures and see what makes you look and feel amazing. If you're shopping online or just aren't sure, this guide tells you all you need to know.

With the right suit, the things you once hated might become the features you love. 

Prep Your Skin

This is totally superficial, but sometimes a bit of TLC goes a long way. Exfoliate; moisturise; tan; shave, whatever makes you feel like a goddess. If you're beauty routine is on form, this in turn will boost your confidence. Somehow having silky legs makes wearing that suit far more bearable for me. 

Think of it this way, do you think the VS Models are truly au natural in the images you see. Nope! If you've seen the swim catalogue specials, you'll know just how much goes into getting that perfect beach look. No one rolls out of bed looking THAT good!

Get In Shape

I wasn't sure whether I wanted to throw this into the mix, but here we go anyways. It's no secret that most people hate stripping off because of body issues. Whether it's losing weight or lacking tone, both can be addressed easily. Whether you hit the gym or go for a walk, every little helps and can make such a difference in the way you feel. My point here is to aim for being happy in your body, not weight loss or kg's in the gym. Exercise because you want to and because it's making you happy. Overtime you'll see results and your confidence will skyrocket. 

Fitness became a big part of my life last year and the effect it's had on my confidence has been incredible. It's a change I don't think I could've achieved any other way either. This vacation I wore bikini's everywhere without a care. I felt amazing and it definitely showed in the pictures. Now I can't wait to get back into one again!

I just wanted to throw it out there that this is completely optional. Being fit or toned doesn't automatically give you confidence, but it has helped me. I'm also not saying that working out is key to being confident in a bikini. It's absolutely not, but that's something for you to decide yourself. Anyways, NEXT!

Stop Comparing Yourself and Start Loving Yourself

This one if definitely less straight forward than my other tips, but it's by far the most important. You're the only version of you that will ever be, so be the best damn version you can be. Stop spending time worrying that you don't look like Beyonce or whoever it may be. Focus on what makes you unique and beautiful, and get out there. It's definitely a hard task with things like Instagram and Snapchat in the mix, but the girls you see probably have issues too. Don't forget, social media accounts are heavily edited to create this perfect vision. What you don't see are probably moments similar to what we all go through everyday. As DVF would say, 'you be you'. 

When baring all at the beach, we're also too quick to pick out our 'flaws'. We pick apart our physiques and forget about the parts we love. This self-destructive behaviour can really affect your relationship with yourself, so stop it. Stand in that mirror and focus on what you love about yourself. Over time, these affirmations will build confidence like nothing else. You wear that bikini for yourself, so as long as you love what you see, nothing else matters. Get out there, rock that bikini and have fun with it.

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