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AKA the free App you need in your life. I believe I've spoken about this before, but I've picked it back up recently and I still love it. Today therefore I thought I would share a bit more about the App and what I like so much about it. 

We're all told that the best things in life are free; this app is true testament to that. It costs you nothing and yet it does so much. From simply tracking your distance, to full running programs, this app does it all. And without so much as a penny leaving your pocket. So if you want to get fit but don't have the budget for a gym membership, this will be your best friend. Assuming you want to run that is.

Lack of cost aside, by far the best thing this App offers is the training programs. These are weekly guides that can help you train for anything from a 5k run right up to a marathon. Each week you're given distances to run or walk as well as other things to do. Whether it's a rest day or cross training, the app has your entire fitness schedule sorted. All you have to do is participate. Yes that's the hard part, but once you get started the addiction will begin. 

The next thing I love about this app is the little lady that talks to me while I run. She updates me on the distance I've ran; time taken and average time per kilometre. It's nice to be given this information, instead of having to fiddle around trying to find it on my phone while I'm trying to run. I also find it oddly motivation because it's almost like she's running with you. Who doesn't want their very own cheerleader? I sure do, and you know what sometimes I need that boost when I'm struggling but so close to the end. 

Aside from what I've used it for, you can also invite friends and share progress and even create challenges. None of my friends really run so I can't really give any feedback on those functions sadly. If they're anything like the FitBit friends function, I'm sure they're hugely encouraging. 

In short if you're looking for something free, functional and easy to use then look no further. I've dabbled with running over the years, but this app has pushed me and I've come on leaps and bounds. So even if you don't think you can run, still give it a go and see. You actually might surprise yourself. If you like the sound of it, head over to the app store and get downloading! Happy running!

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