Skincare Routine: Workout Edition

by - 18:10:00

Whether you're planning a workout or have just come back from one, it's important to look after your skin. I'm not talking about a fancy routine, just the basics. As I've been working out a lot lately, I figured I would share with you how I'm keeping spot free even though I'm working up a sweat.

Obviously the key to clear skin is to cleanse. Whether it's getting rid of your make-up before hand, or clearing off the sweat after, you should be doing it. Not doing either of these steps, could land you with clogged pores and spots amongst other things. As Summer starts to roll around you don't want to be worrying about these issues. You want glowing, clear skin so the advice is simple - cleanse. If I've got make-up on, I'll use a Micellar Water to get rid of it, before going in with a gentle cleanser like the Kiehl's one. Post workout, I go in with the Kiehl's cleanser again. It foams ever so slightly, so I know it's getting rid of every bit of muck that's gathered on my face.

My last step is to add moisture to the skin. When you're cleansing you're taking some of the moisture out, so it's important to add it back. Pre and post workout I'll use an SPF or a light oil depending on what activity I'm doing. I know it's not nice to use a lotion and then work up a sweat but your skin will be thankful of the barrier. Plus if you're taking your workout outside, you'll need that SPF to keep those harmful rays at bay. 

And that's about it really, cleanse and moisturise. If you aren't a big skincare fan, please just make sure that you haven't got make-up on. If you're working out hard enough, there will be nothing left anyways, so just get rid please. It's not worth risking spots for really is it? 

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