Weekend Things #4

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No song this week I'm afraid guys. If I had to pick one it would be 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl' by Jet. I've been running a lot this week and this song has been helping me power through. It's and oldie but a goodie so if you've never heard it check it out here.

This week is going to be more of a favourites and new things post. Purely because some weekends you don't need to do anything. You've had a busy week and now it's time to enjoy your creature comforts. 

Having a hot bath is one of my favourite things to do on the weekends. People tend to be out, which means I can actually soak for a good hour in peace. It's heavenly. Until recently, I'd always been a bubble bath girl but these salts have converted me. They're the Dr Salts Himalayan Bath salts, and I kid you not they work wonders. It could very well be the placebo effect but I always feel rested and calm after I've used them. If you exercise a lot like me, you'll be pleased to know they're great for sore muscles too. All I do is run a bath, add in two handfuls of the salts and swirl them in. Get yourself in and enjoy. If these sound like your thing, you can find the full range in most supermarkets and they're around £7 for 1kg. 

Weekends are also the time when I use my nicer fragrances. Does anyone else do that? I use gifted ones that I don't like for work, and my favourites on the weekend. Moving on, it's been quite balmy in the UK, so I pulled Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' back out. It's floral, girly and a dream to wear when it's hot outside. Now I'm just praying the sun sticks around so I don't have to put it away again. 

The next few things I consider weekend treats. I always like to re-do my manicure. Last weekends polish job is looking pretty banged up, so it's always good to start afresh. I choose the weekend to do this, because it guarantees me two days with no chips. That's practically an eternity in my life. For this week I'm going to be wearing Wah London in 'Love My Team'. Can't go wrong with a red.

Using a face oil in the morning is also something wonderful the weekend gifts to me. Throughout the week I wear make-up and I find it doesn't sit too well on top of an oil. Saturday and Sunday's I try to wear not a scrap on my face, so you'll catch me slathering on the Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate. I can't quite pin down what it does, but my skin is a big fan of the stuff. If you're fan of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, definitely give this a whirl. 

The last thing I wanted to talk about is the bralette I got from Hollister. I've always been a big fan of the style, but I'd never found the right one with the right price tag till yesterday. I've looked on ASOS and had a nosey at the new Victoria's Secret collection, but nothing grabbed me. I visited Hollister on a whim, and there it was. The last in my colour and the last in my size. If that's not fate, I don't know what is. Anyways, it cost me £14; it's pretty and it's really comfortable.

 I'm really hoping this is a trend that will stick around. I don't know about you, but as a small chested person I've always been made to feel like I wasn't enough. When I went bra shopping everything was geared at creating a cleavage. My annoyance peaked when I was recommended a Bombshell bra at VS. Those things have so much padding and look so ridiculous I can't even begin to explain. For once it's nice to be able to buy a bra that doesn't want to hoist them up or add a gazillion cup sizes.  

Anyways that's my little rant over. Now to enjoy the weekend. I hope you have a fabulous few days off. 

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