Will Shaving Facial Hair Make It Grow Back Thicker?

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Dermaplaning, or removing peach fuzz has been a hot topic lately. A number of videos have popped up on YouTube talking about it, but what's fact and what's fiction? Today I thought I would work through some of the questions most people seem to have about it, as well as the benefits. Shall  we?

Will It Make My Hair Grow Back Darker/Thicker

No. I'd really like to meet whoever put this out there because it's absolute nonsense. As you're shaving the hair, you aren't changing the follicle at all. You're simply cutting it at the skins surface. So basically the hair is still alive under the skin, you've just gave it a trim as it were. As the follicle still exists, it's going to grow exactly as it always has. It's not suddenly going to come through darker or thicker. This is a complete myth. 

Will It Give Me Ingrown Hairs/Spots?

As with all types of hair removal, there is a slight chance of ingrown hairs. If you've experienced this before on other areas you shave, perhaps be wary. I've never experienced this on my face personally (yet!). 

If you think it might be an issue, make sure you regularly exfoliate the skin. By getting rid of the dead skin, you're reducing the chances of a hair having to go back down. 

In terms of spot prevention, use a clean razor (so not the one for your legs!) and just keep everything sanitary. I very much doubt you'd get a spot from the actual process though, it'll more likely manifest as an ingrown hair. 

So I suppose the answer to this particular question is dependent on a lot of things. My best advice is to be sensible and keep an eye on your skin. If you fancy trying it, do a patch test and see how your skin reacts, and work from there. If you're an acne sufferer or have spots, avoid doing anything like this till they're fully healed. You don't want to be slicing open scabs! That's a sure fire way to encourage infections.

So now we've busted a few myths, lets talk about the benefits.

Exfoliates As It Removes Hair

It's not going to take off your face or anything, but the gentle sweeping motion lifts away the dead skin cells beautifully. After I've done, my face is so soft. Not even my PTR Pumpkin Mask can get it that soft and that's saying something. It's baby soft I swear. 

Products Absorb Better

Just another great benefit. Without the peach fuzz, my products seem to go further and work much better. I'm not a scientist, but I'm guessing that the hairs to a degree limit product absorption. It's probably by a minuscule amount, but every little helps right? I tend to shave of an evening and come the next morning my skin is glowing. It's like magic.

Make-up Applies and Looks Better

Fact; this is one of my favourite benefits too. My hairs tends to grab onto most liquid foundations and powders. If you've ever experienced this, it's not cute and it's so annoying. From afar it's not noticeable, but up close my fuzzies are so prominent it's frightening. With them gone, I'm practically airbrushed. The difference is like day and night, and fuzz free is absolutely the way to go for me. 

Pro's and cons out there, onto the method. I don't go to a dermatalogist or use those little facial razors. As naughty as it is, I actually just use a regular razor blade. I use it only on my face and in a gentle, controlled manner. I also do it on dry, clean skin, so don't be using shaving foam!! 

I take my razor and gently stroke downwards in small sections (be sure to hold the skin taught to prevent cuts) and that's all there is to it really. I'm not sure what else I can tell you. 

As I'm not a Doctor, Derm or expert, if you are unsure ask a professional. I'm not in any way qualified, this is just something I've been doing for a while that works for me. It may or may not work for you, so always be careful and clean. 

Now that I've busted one beauty myth, it's time to start looking for my next one! I hope you've found this post useful and if any of you do this, please shout in the comments. I feel like so many people are afraid or have heard horror stories, so it would be nice to hear from other people! If you haven't, what do you think about this 'trend'? Does it interest you or horrify you, let me know! 

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