NYC Trippin'

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I'll post more in depth on my return, but for now I thought I'd share the sights with you and a bit of info.

First of all, who got me here? I flew with British Airways (Manchester - Heathrow - JFK) again and I'd always recommend them. In terms of price, they aren't the cheapest but for long haul it's worth paying a bit extra. I believe fares range between £600-700 depending on your departure airport, but keep an eye out for their world sale. 

In keeping with sticking to what I know, I've returned to the Morgans New York. Again, this isn't a budget hotel but believe me when I say, it's worth every penny. From the staff to the room itself, everything is above and beyond what you'd find in most other hotels. By far the best bit about this hotel is it's location. As I write this I'm currently looking out at the Empire State Building. Does it get any better? I thought not. Grab a cup of coffee, get on your window ledge and enjoy the views!

So once you're here, what do you do? Fact of that matter is that you can do pretty much whatever you fancy somewhere in the five boroughs. That doesn't narrow it down, so I'm going to share my top five things very quickly.

1. Go for a run. This won't be high on most peoples vacation agenda, but if you're going to run anywhere, NYC is the place. I like to get out and about early and enjoy the sights without the tourists. 

2. Head to Rockefeller for a drink. SixtyFive bar offers the very best cocktails with an unrivalled view of the city. While it's not the cheapest night out, you'll get a drink for just a few dollars more than the admission to the Top of the Rock. If food is on the agenda, try their Crispy Chicken sliders, they're incredible. 

3. Shop till you drop. While the dollar/pound rate isn't as good as it used to be, NYC is still a great place to shop. Whether you're a make-up maven or a fashion junkie, there's a store for you. As you can imagine, when I'm not eating or seeing the sights, you'll find me in a Sephora. 

4. Eat your way around NYC. Food is everywhere here, from $1 pizza to fancy fixed menus, there's plenty to choose from. My current favourite places are Hai Street Kitchen and Arancini Bros, go check them out if you're in the area. 

5. Stop for sunset. New York is known for being a go-go-go kinda place. Everyone always has somewhere to be, or so it seems. At the end of a busy day, there's nothing better than taking yourself down by the Hudson River and watching the sunset. Take an hour/hour and a half and enjoy the time away from the Manhattan madness.

That pretty much wraps up todays post, now it's time for the NBA Finals;  Go Cavs!

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