Sephora Haul

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No trip to the states is complete without a trip to Sephora. It's practically a right of passage to spend an hour or two in this beauty lovers mecca. As you can see from the picture, I was actually pretty restrained. It might've been my mood, but there just wasn't really a lot that stood out to me. So, less on what I didn't get and more on what I did get.

The first thing that went into my basket was the Kate Somerville EradiKate ($24). This is supposed to be a really great topical spot treatment so it had to come home with me. I don't suffer from spots consistently, but when I do they're a bugger to get rid of. Applying a layer of this on the area is supposed to clear the blemish and reduce redness. I'm all about that if it works, so we shall see. 

Next I picked up the Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel ($52). I originally went in for the Umbra SPF ($38) but it was sold out, so I grabbed this on the recommendation of the sales associate. It's supposed to brighten, replenish nutrients and provide intense hydration. I could definitely do with all of that, so we'll see how I get on. I'm not going to lie it was a bit of an impulse purchase, but I had to try something from this brand. They're non-toxic, cruelty free and the packaging is just to die for. 

This next thing is actually my VIB Birthday Gift. I had a choice between a Marc Jacobs or a Fresh set, so I obviously had to go with the skincare option. The set comes with a mini Soy Face Cleanser  and a mini Rose Face Mask. I've never tried the brand before, so it'll be nice to try a few things out and see whether I'd buy from them or not. Either way they were free, and who doesn't like free?

Last but by no means least I grabbed the Sephora Avocado Eye ($5) and Face ($6) Masks. Sheet masks are something of a trend at the moment, so I had to give these a try. They promise to nourish and repair and my skin was in dire need of that last night. As you can probably imagine, I've already used both of these and I'm honestly not that taken with them. They were a bit of a faff to apply, the slid around a lot and there was an ever so slight burning sensation after use. This morning my skin didn't look any better than usual, so I couldn't really tell you if it did anything to be honest. It's great to pamper yourself and go through the process, but at the end of the day it's the results that matter. 

And that's it for my little Sephora haul. There's still time for me to pick up more bits, so please let me know down below if you have any recommendations (preferably cruelty free). What are your must buys? 

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