Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Defense SPF30

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It's Summer, which means a good SPF should be at the top of your must haves list. Those that know me, know that I'm a bit of an SPF junkie. To go anywhere without any on actually unsettles me a bit. It's OCD, but I'd definitely rather be safe than sorry. That's probably the best thing about being religious with it, this is a preventative step you can take, so why wouldn't you? 

Over the past few years I've sampled a fair few facial SPF's and they've faired pretty well. I've never really reacted to one, and I've never had a burnt face either so no complaints about any of the ones I've used in the past. As a result, I'm not particularly loyal and I'm forever hunting for the next best thing, which led me to this. 

Drunk Elephant's Umbra is perhaps one of their best known products. The magazines love it, and so do the Kardashians, so where can you go wrong? So what exactly makes this product so good? A lot it turns out. 

First of all, the brand itself have an ethos we should all get behind. Their products are 'safe, minimal, effective and non-toxic'. Isn't that what all beauty products should be like? They're not completely natural, but the synthetics they use serve a purpose. They're carefully added to make a difference. It's back to basics, but with an oomph where necessary. 

So let's talk about the product. I could have a stab at making up a blurb, but I think theirs explains the product and its ingredients much better, so here you go. 

'A cell-energizing physical sun block that delivers powerful UV protection and anti-ageing benefits. Umbra is loaded with antioxidants that fight free radicals and aid in the prevention of oxidative cell damage and photoaging. Infused with Sunflower Shoot Extract, which exhibits strong anti-glycation properties and preserves cell energy, Astaxanthin, a powerful carotenoid that protects DNA, Grape Juice extracts that absorbs UV rays and finally, Marula Oil for intensive moisture and healing, this unique formulation will leave your skin healthy and protected without any white residue or greasiness. 

Umbra minimises the look of fine lines and wrinkles and is totally fragrance free and non-irritating.'

Bit long winded, but I thought it would be better than me trying to explain. There were quite a few things that I had to look up, but with a bit of research I think it's safe to say this product really goes the extra mile. 

Anyways, it's all good and well that it makes all those claims, but does it perform?

I'm pleased to say it does. This isn't the least bit greasy; doesn't leave a white caste and works so well under make-up. My other half is even a fan. Getting him to wear sunscreen is a lifelong struggle, but he loved this. He liked that it melted into the skin and just disappeared. If you can impress my partner, you're doing something right let me tell you. 

Compared to the La Roche Posay one I've been using, this is a breath of fresh air. With that one, applying make-up was a nightmare. You had to be really careful because the SPF would ball up if you moved it slightly. Even with a sponge, it was still a lengthy process to get everything looking ok. When you're in a rush, that's just not ideal, but skipping SPF isn't an option either. Umbra has really bridged this gap, and if anything my make-up applies better. It's like the ultimate primer/SPF combination in my opinion. 

So whether you're going away, or if you live in sunnier climes this is definitely one to check out. For my UK gals, Drunk Elephant isn't available over here just yet, but Sephora will ship it. I've been told that they're hoping to launch the line over here next year, so that's definitely something to look forward to. I've got my wish list at the ready. 

P.S How cute is the packaging!!

Update 14/09/16: They say that all good things come to and end, and I think it finally has with this one. I feel like my overwhelming positivity is what ultimately jinxed me here. I'm writing this roughly two months on and I've sort of gone off this one. The dreaded white caste has become a problem again and it's performance under some of my foundations has been abysmal. This update comes after removing and re-doing my make-up twice today because of this product. I don't have the time to be faffing like this, so I'm now only going to use this when I'm sans make-up and being properly outdoorsy. A city SPF this is not.

It's definitely not the worst facial SPF I've ever tried but I also wouldn't say it's the best either. The only good thing I can still think to say about it, is that it doesn't make me look like a grease bucket and it does protect me from the sun. I'm sure there are other products out there than can do this and for much less at that. 

I'm going to finish this up and then I've got my eye on the La Roche Posay Anthelios Ultra Light Fluid, so do let me know if that one's any good. 

Sorry to be a downer on this one. It might still work for you but it's just not what I need it to be sadly. Hopefully my HG will make itself known sooner rather than later. 

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