High End Beauty Must Haves

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As hard as it is to part with the cash, sometimes it's totally worth it to pay a little extra. Budget make-up definitely has its moments, but there are times when you really get what you pay for. But where to splurge and where to save is entirely up to you. Today I wanted to share with you some products that I think are totally worth the cash.

Chanel's Perfection Lumieré Velvet Foundation was the first thing I thought of when I started writing this post. It's medium coverage, luminous, lightweight and most importantly lasts. If I'm going on a night out or I've got a special occasion on, this is what I reach for. It's everything I thought Nars Sheer Glow would be, but we all know how that one worked out eh! So if that foundation didn't work out for you either, maybe try this one. My only gripe with this is that the shade range is quite limited (8 shades) and I find that they can be quite yellow. If you can find a shade, you're onto a winner. Generally speaking though, I would try to spend the majority of your make-up budget on your base products. Foundations especially tend to have a more skincare based approach to make-up, so will undoubtedly be kinder to your skin. 

Nars Powders (Blush/Bronzer) were another hot favourite for this category. I've had them in both palette and single form and I've yet to be disappointed. The range of shades available is exceptional, as is the quality. They're definitely a splurge when compared to other blushes or bronzers, but trust me they're worth it. I strayed from Laguna with Benefit's Hoola Bronzer and it's just not the same. I've even tried the Sleek dupe for 'Orgasm' blush and I just don't see how they compare at all. Safe to say, if I need a blush or bronzer, I feel like I'm going to be a Nars girl for life. 

As new as my Wander Beauty On The Glow Blush Stick might be, it had to get a mention. Since I bought it, I've pretty much used nothing else. It's so easy to use and the products themselves are fantastic. At £35 a pop they're definitely pricey, but if you've got no time or fancy a splurge look no further. While the products amazing, the availability isn't. Right now you've a choice between Net-a-Porter or Sephora, so expect to pay shipping/customs or both on top. Not ideal, but a brilliant buy if you've got the budget. 

I feel like this goes without saying, but skincare is definitely where you should be investing. There are definitely exceptions, but generally speaking you get what you pay for. So if you want nice skin when you're older, be prepared to splurge. My current favourite has to be the Umbra Sheer Physical Defense SPF30 by Drunk Elephant. I spoke about this on here yesterday so you should be well versed in what I like about it. SPF is an essential, it's definitely not optional so get yourself a good one. This is my favourite out of all the ones I've ever tried and it's well worth the $38 it costs (you do get 100ml). 

To round things off, I've got perhaps the most ridiculous purchase I've ever made. I'm talking about the Tom Ford 'Nude Dip' Palette.At £64, it's probably the most expensive impulse purchase I've ever made, but I have no regrets. Whether you want a daytime neutral eye, or a really glam smokey eye, this palette can do it all. If you're not a fan of shimmer give this a miss, but otherwise it's worth swatching when you're at the counter. The shades are truly beautiful and as you can imagine they're nicely pigmented too. It's the only palette I took to the States, but I never felt I needed anything else to be honest. Normally I'll flit between a few shadow palettes, so it's refreshing to only need one. 

And that's it for today guys, I thought I'd get this up for payday just incase you fancy treating yourselves. Now it's up to you guys to be my enablers. What are your must have luxury items? My bank account is ready guys! In the meantime, happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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