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You know when you try to be low maintenance, but then you wonder if you're missing out? This is the result of that. For some reason, I had major FOMO when it came to not having a serum in my daily routine. Could the grass be greener?

For a good number of years, I wouldn't have dreamt of going without a serum. I recently went back to basics and while it's worked out, I feel like my skins been missing some extra oomph. Hydraluron was the product that I instantly thought of when it came to filling the gap. I've used it before and my skin got on with it, and that's how we got where we are today. 

I believe the last time I posted about Hydraluron, it was in a 'Product's I Regret Purchasing' post. On reflection, the problem wasn't the product. My skin at the time was just unable to appreciate the product. It was cleansed to within an inch of its life, and no serum can redeem that alone. With the right approach and the right skincare routine, this stuff works wonders. Needless to say, the serum was a planned purchase. It's currently on offer too, so if you fancy a bargain you'll find it here. I'm going to use this as directed for 8 weeks and come back with a revised review, so check back for that.

Now we're going to move into unchartered territory. The Moisture Jelly and the Sheet Masks have never really been on my radar. When they were initially released, they were on all the blogs but then they just dropped of the face of the earth. That initial buzz got my attention, but I want people to still be talking about it months on before it comes home with me. Call me skeptical, but money talks. 

Anyways, on this particular day I must've been having a #feelingspendy moment, because I picked up both. First impressions are a tad mixed I won't lie. 

The Moisture Jelly which is their answer to a moisturiser is actually quite small. Most moisturisers are 50ml, whereas this comes in at a kind of measly 30ml. I can't see it lasting too long, which isn't too great given that it costs £24.99. Packaging wise however, it's brilliant. It's in a Kate Somerville style pump packaging which is fantastic. It will keep the active ingredients active and is so much more hygienic than sticking your fingers into a pot. Winner. I've yet to try the product, so my verdict on that will just have to wait. I'm really hoping for good things, so we'll see. 

Rounding things off are the Moisture Boosting Masks; these I have high hopes for. They're individually packaged and are actually fairly weighty. I'm hoping therefore that they're drowning in product and will be my best friend come Winter. Price wise, they work out at just under £5 per treatment. If they work, then I actually don't mind that price tag. They're definitely more expensive per use than say a tube mask, but with skincare sometimes it's better to pay a little more. For example I've used the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask and it was just ok. Yeah you might get more applications, but if it's not working what's the point? 

So yeah, that's my little skincare haul to brighten up your Sunday (and hopefully my face!). Have a good one guys!

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