June Favourites

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It's that time of the month again people, favourites time. Today I'm going to walk you through the products I've loved in the month of June.  

I'm going to kick it off with the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray (£22), which is all my camera could focus on when I took the picture (so it must be good). I only really use this when I go away, but when I do use it I love it. On my recent trip to NYC I used it with the matching shampoo and conditioner, and my hair's never looked better. To use, I spray a fair amount of the ends of my hair and then blow dry (scrunching as I go). This produces beautiful beach waves without the need for a curling wand. Right now I want my hair to look beachy all day every day, so I'm powering through this bottle. This brings me nicely onto the only downside; it takes a lot of product for me to get the results I want. Otherwise I love it and it really delivers. If you're on a budget, I recently picked up the Schwarzkopf Got2b Beach Matte Texturizing Salt Spray (£4.19) and I think it's just as good. 

My next favourites are totally not on season, but hear me out on this one. It may technically be Summer, but I've been wearing this dark lip combo a lot. And by a lot, I mean most days. It's the Kiko Smart Lip Pencil in Rouge Noir 710 (£2.50) combined with the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen (£5.50). The liner matches the lip cream perfectly, and together it's my perfect vampy lip. The formula of the lip cream could definitely be better in terms of pigmentation, but the lip liner makes it less of an issue. So while it's not seasonal, I've been loving it. Anyone else loving a touch of the dark side this summertime? 

Last but not least I have two skincare gems from Kiehl's. Starting with an old favourite, I have the Midnight Recovery Concentrate (£37). I've spoke about this before, but it's constantly surprising me. After coming home from my holiday, my skin was acting out massively. It was breaking out, drying up and greasing up all at the same time; nightmare right? I cut out a few products, but doubled the amount of this oil I was putting on and it made such a difference. I'd spray my face with Serozinc, massage in six drops and my skin had improved in just two days. Nothing short of miraculous in my opinion.

Finally, to fix my tired eyes,I've been leaning on the Kiehl's Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment (£20). I feel like this is the eye cream I've been after ever since I started using one. It's gloriously thick and my eyes have never felt more hydrated. If it had SPF it would be an absolute must have but it would seem you can't have it all. If you've got really dry or dehydrated under eyes, definitely check this out. 

And those were my June favourites! Have a great day guys!

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