Nude Nails

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Saturday for me is manicure day. I set aside an hour or so, grab my tools and set to work. The hardest part is picking what shade I want to wear; last time I counted I had around 50 polishes which is absurd. It's even more ridiculous now, because I only ever reach for the two polishes in the picture. 

Some of you might remember, but I picked up Essie's 'Romper Room' and 'Topless and Barefoot' on my recent trip to the states. I've always liked the look of them, but they've been so hard to find in the UK. Now I've finally got my hands on them, I'm dreaded the day that they run low and I need to replace them. 

'Romper Room' is a white/pink shade that's opaque in three coats and looks so chic on. I've always liked pale, pastel nails but shade wise nothings really suited me. This one is pretty pale, but doesn't clash with my skin tone at all. Since getting back it's definitely been my go to shade. If this sounds up your alley, I've actually managed to track it down for you at Debenhams. I was going to link to some swatches, but what I'm seeing online looks a lot pinker than it actually is. Not sure why, but if you do look online yourself, I think it translates a lot paler in real life. 

Completing the line-up is 'Topless and Barefoot'. Where has this shade been all my life? This is my perfect nude nail shade. It makes my nails look polished, but it just sort of blends in. For special occasions where you want to look well groomed, this is the shade you need. I initially looked this up around the time of my graduation. I'd seen a lot of other people wearing it, and it was exactly what I needed. At the time it was impossible to get hold of, and now I have it, I wish I had a time machine. Better late than never eh? Shade wise, it's a soft, beigey/pink that's opaque in two coats. Isn't that the stuff of dreams people? I think so, and if you do too I've managed to find it on Lookfantastic. It says low in stock so act fast if you like what you see. 

So there you have it, my tried and true nude nail faves. Now I'm off to declutter my polish collection, if it's not neutral or dark, it's done! 

Have a great weekend guys!

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