Post Holiday Detox

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Holidays are a time to say yes to everything. Whether it's a stack of waffles as tall as you, or a few extra drinks with dinner, holidays are not the time to deprive yourself. You've paid money to go away and enjoy yourself, so why would you stick to salads and water? You wouldn't. 

On my most recent trip I was definitely a 'yes' person. I ate and drank pretty much everything I saw that took my fancy; when in Rome right. If you've been before, you'll know that New York is something of a food haven. You don't have to walk far at all to be tempted, and it would seem that my willpower vanished on landing at JFK. 

While I didn't particularly gain weight, after my trip I just didn't feel 100%. Prior to going away I was working out a lot and eating well. Turns out that my body was thriving on me treating it well for once. With the reintroduction of sugary treats and a lot of beige foods, my body was back to square one. 

It's July now, which means holiday season will be in full swing soon. You'll be going away, having a ball and then you might come back and feel how I did. It wasn't a particularly good feeling, so today I thought I would walk you through how I got back on track and maybe it will help some of you. 

Lets Get Physical

If I had my way, holidays would be a never ending situation. Sadly they do end and we land back in reality with a bump. I get really depressed when I return from a trip away and I've spoke to a few people who are the same. I like to travel to places that inspire me, so when the inspirations gone it has me despairing over when my next trip will be. 

Normally I'll wallow in my little pit of despair for a week or so, but this time I touched down and jumped straight back into real life. Aside from planning content and drawing up to-do lists, the best thing I did was start back running as soon as I got back. Turns out that exercise is somewhat of a saviour for me. Getting my body back moving obviously got my body back into gear, but it also massively improved the post-holiday blues. Instead of focusing on what I'd left behind, I was already pre-occupied with my new goals. 

My first bit of advice therefore is to hit the gym; go for a run, whatever it is that you do, do it. If exercise has never been your happy place, go do whatever makes you happy. Just get stuck in and get back on track. 

Raise A Glass

When I'm home water is my go to. I try to drink around 2l a day, and I can definitely tell the difference when I don't. As you can imagine, I didn't drink a tonne of water while I was away. Snapple's, iced coffee's and sodas were my everything when it came to beating the NYC heat. I could've made better decisions, but who wants water when you could have a Snapple? Exactly.

Since I've been back, I'm back drinking ALL the water and my body is thanking me for it. My skin is brighter, I'm far less bloated and I feel revitalised. If there's one tip you take away from this, I hope it's this one. Whether you're coming back from holiday or just going about life, staying hydrated can make such a difference. 

Bin The Beige

Carbohydrates certainly aren't the enemy, but sometimes they aren't your friend either. After copious amounts of pancakes; burgers and pizzas, I definitely needed to take a break from them. I was left lacking energy; bloated and a bit irritable to be honest. Who wants to feel like that? No, me either. 

Since getting back, normal service has resumed. Carbohydrates have been largely eliminated and fruits/veggies have been brought back in force. I think it goes without saying that this has vastly improved how I've been feeling. My body feels like it did before I went away, maybe even better if I do say so. 

So there you have it, how I got back on track and feeling great after NYC. While I've used these tips after holidays, they pretty much apply anytime you're not feeling great. Good (healthy) food, lots of water and a run can fix anything in my mind. What sorts you out after an indulgent trip? Let me know! 

On a totally unrelated note, if you find yourself in Coney Island head to Coney's Cones. You will not regret it, and you can thank me later (ha). 

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