Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

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This product crops up in pretty much every article talking about French Pharmacy finds, and for good reason. I first heard about this product a good few years back now but I never bought into the hype. As someone with skin that changes its type regularly, the idea of a thicker cream/milk didn't really appeal to me. I had visions of horrendous cystic breakouts and that was enough to put me off adding it to my skincare routine. 

As of late however, my skin's been feeling much tighter and none of my usual creams/gels have been able to remedy it. No matter how much product I'd put on, the tight feeling would return in a matter of minutes and there's wasn't even a chance of make-up sitting right either. As I do when I have any skin emergencies, I went to Boots. They now stock most of the French Pharmacy brands, so you can only imagine how pleased I was to see Embryolisse on the shelves. I picked up the 30ml size (£13) that night and I've been using it morning and night everyday since. 

As you can probably imagine, I'm now wishing I'd given it a shot sooner but these things happen. It hasn't broke me out, nor is it greasy, so if you've ever been curious I'd give it a shot no matter what your skin type. You might just be surprised too!

In terms of the formula, it is fairly basic. There's no SPF and it won't help with wrinkles, but it does for me what no other cream has managed to do yet. It calms, moisturises and properly primes my skin for make-up. Right now that's all I really want. Would it be nice if there was added SPF, sure but sometimes you can't have everything can you.

At the moment, I'm using it morning and night as I said and my skin seems to be thoroughly enjoying it. My dehydration lines have pretty much vanished; my make-up has never applied better and my skin is finally comfortable again. So while it might not be something I reach for in the Summer, I don't think I could survive winter without this miracle in a tube. 

So you've heard it from the models and the editors, but now you're hearing it from me; Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré is a must have. If you've got a face and you aren't sensitive to any of the ingredients, get yourself a tube ASAP. 

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