Giving Up Cleansing?

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Washing my face twice (sometimes three) times a day has been a part of my life for longer than I can remember right now. It's become second nature to hop out of bed and reach for a cleanser to get my day started, and I recently started wondering why that was necessary. Watch any morning routine video and they pretty much all do the same thing, but my question is just how dirty can your face get while you sleep? In short, I'm starting to think not much. 

Two weeks ago, I simplified my mornings by getting rid of the traditional cleanse and using a Micellar water instead. The women of France all do it, so what could I have to lose? Instead of fumbling around by the sink, I could do my whole routine from the comfort of my bed which was practically life changing. A few swipes with a soaked cotton pad, followed by my usual steps was all I had to do and I've been doing this every day since. 

So far I've had no breakouts and my sensitive skin is actually looking the best it has all Winter. My complexion is far more calm; my redness is subsiding and the tightness/dry patches have vanished. It's leading me to believe that for a good while I've been overdoing it in terms of what I put on my face. I follow a lot of 'skincare experts' on social media and it's fair to say that has heavily influenced my attitude towards skincare. More is more and double cleansing became almost like a commandment from above. Following my little experiment with waterless cleansing, I think I'm definitely going to be listening less to others and more to myself. 

In terms of the actual product, I've been using Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water. It works just fine, there's no irritation and it's so affordable. I managed to pick up the massive 700ml bottle for a little over £5 which is such a steal. As I'm planning on sticking with this method, I would like to try others so do let me know your recommendations. I'm itching to pick up a bottle of Bioderma but is it really worth the hype? Let me know!

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