Moisture Must Haves

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At this time of year, hydration is key. The cold weather plays havoc with my skin each year but this year I've worked in a few things that seem to have helped. Where my skin would usually be dull and borderline flaky, it's now plumped and radiant. Let's dig in shall we?

Of the bunch, Embryolisse's Lait Crème Concentré is the hero product by a mile. The supermodel staple is relatively heavy but in the best way possible. My skin feels instantly hydrated and as it's quite thick you can feel it on your skin for a good while. I never thought I'd like a product that hangs around but somehow by having that film still there, it keeps my skin from drying out. If you like things that absorb quickly, this might not be for you but otherwise I'd highly recommend this one. Some of you might have spotted that I've graduated to the 75ml tube now, so you know it's a keeper!

The next two things I wanted to talk about are ones that will appeal to those with oilier skins or people who like their products to absorb a little quicker. For those who can get hold of it, Drunk Elephant's B Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel is fantastic. I use it in the mornings under my SPF and I've been seeing great results. Despite absorbing quickly, my skin is visibly hydrated and any make-up I apply afterwards looks great too. Typically on me, things that absorb quickly tend to result in an overall drier complexion so this has been a real discovery for me. If you're into clean beauty products or prefer a gel formula, definitely give this one a try. If however Drunk Elephant isn't in your country yet, this next one might just be for you.

I am of course talking about Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly. I've had ups and downs with this range but now I've figured out the right amount to use, it's working out really well. I use it the same as I would the Drunk Elephant and the results have been fairly similar. As a result, I think it's a great alternative as I know the DE is a bit harder to get hold of at the moment. When I first started using this, I'd use one pump of product and my skin wasn't quite getting along with it. Now I use around a pea sized amount and it's been plain sailing. 

Rounding things off, it wouldn't be a post about hydrating must haves if I didn't mention the Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Masks. I used to think sheet masks were really gimmicky but now I've given them a few goes, I actually quite like the results. I've been using these masks once a week from November onwards and they really do deliver. Simply whack it on clean skin, kick back for 15-20 minutes and get ready for gloriously plump skin. If I really want to pamper my skin, I'll massage in the remaining serum and then applying a thin-ish layer of the Embryolisse on top. By morning my skin has the most incredible glow and consequently I've sort of come to rely on these masks for when I need my skin to be looking its best. The addiction has begun!

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