Citypharma: The Guide

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I've spent more years than I'd care to admit fantasising about visiting Citypharma. The two storey skincare mecca situated on the Rue du Four finally crossed my path this past August and it did not disappoint. It was however an incredibly overwhelming experience. As soon as I stepped foot inside, I went into a blind panic and what ensued was pretty much a skincare smash and grab. To help you avoid this, I thought I'd share with you my two cents on how to successfully navigate Citypharma, 

Timing is everything. I went mid-afternoon (lunchtime-ish) and it was the perfect time to shop. It wasn't empty by no means but there was a good amount of space to shop and there were assistants available too. Bonus. Before my visit, I'd heard rumours of stock running out and not being replenished, but I saw nothing of the sort so don't get up before the sun if you catch my drift. If I were you I'd avoid opening times at all costs; instead grab a pastry and wander over the river at your leisure. 

Be prepared. Because of the vast quantity of product available, it's really useful to have a list of 'must haves' before you get there. That way you can grab what you really want before you get sucked in by all the other goodies on offer. 

Ask questions. The assistants at Citypharma are excellent, so if there is one free, definitely make use of their expertise. Whether you're completely new to French pharmacy skincare, or a seasoned pro, you will always learn something from them. So go ask, and find your perfect routine. If you want to go solo, the aisles are arranged by brand so it's pretty easy to get around without an assistant too. Just be prepared for the sheer amount of products available. So much product you guys. 

Cult beauty at the pharmacy. While skincare products are on the first level, if you venture upstairs you'll find a whole host of must haves of a more pharma nature. Products like Homeoplasmine (ask a pharmacist for this) and Biafine sit amongst toothbrushes and the likes, so it's definitely worth a trip up the stairs. 

Enjoy. If you're a skincare fanatic like me, turn up; prepare to spend and have the best time ever. If I hadn't visited Disneyland Paris the same week, it might've been the highlight of my trip,
it was that good. I left euphoric and it truly was everything everyone said it would be. 

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