Glossier You

by - 18:08:00

After it's more than successful UK launch last October, Glossier still had gifts to give. This came in the form of their first foray into the fragrance market. 'You' launched to much fanfare and if the reviews are to be believed, everyone was simultaneously wearing it and loving it every day. So what's it all about and is it even really that good? 

The USP if you will of this perfume is that it's personal, "you are the first ingredient" to be exact. After your own fine scent you'll notice notes of 'ambrette; ambro; musk; iris root and pink pepper'. I'm not a fragrance expert so I'll give you my take on what all this smells like when it's put together. Using adjectives only I'd say it's clean, milky, spicy and non-offensive. Note that those aren't words used by Glossier themselves. Told you, not an expert. They say it should be 'warm; comforting, addictive, spicy and sparkling.' Almost got it. 

But did I like it or not? The short answer is yes but and it's a big but: I wouldn't repurchase. It's a perfectly nice fragrance but I find it to be completely forgettable. The scent disappears into my skin and becomes invisible to the nose. When I ask people what they think, they find it hard to detect if I've applied anything at all. For the princely sum of £45, I had higher hopes.

After giving it a shot myself, I'm now struggling to see what all the fuss was about. More importantly did everyone else really love this? I'm not so sure. 

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